Oh for a simple AUG

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    The simple AUG, no rails, no take off bits, was to me an incredably simple rifle.

    With it's 1.5 power scope, wonderful light gathering and a fall on to concrete gave no problem to its internal optics, could this not be made much cheaper than the many add on's AUG rifles now being contemplated for a home grown weapon?

    The above system could nibble each hole as it was fired at 50m if you did your part, and deliver head shots at 150m.

    Trvia, the 42 round magazine was designed as a 40 round one!the 40# on the mold had to be erazed, when the first production run were loaded to test! and took 42.
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    If it makes you feel any better I am with you. I really don't want all that stuff on mine either. I wonder sometimes if companies now think they can't sell these types of rifles without all the gizmoes.




    Options are always nice. Sure someone could say the same thing about their Grande compared to the AUG or something like that.

    I think the progression of the A1- A3 is good and only makes the weapon more versatile.. its still accurate and still strong and reliable. I know I can only have the A1 or 2 but that is ok with me, too and that will work well for me.

    I do agree with simplicity there is something to be said for that too.
  4. The problem with the A3 is I have no idea whether you lose the quick change barrel for the rails with it? One of the nice things about the AUG is that you can change out the barrel really fast and easy, but with the Rail over it I think you might lose that ability.

    Hope I'm wrong.
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    Also the rails on the A3 version do have a "quick release button". So you can change rails and barrels quite fast and easily.