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Can't take it home yet because the Canadian government has this idea that holding up purchases for those of us who have RCMP background checks run on us daily is going to stop Toronto ganbangers from shooting each other with illegal imports.

The store does have a range attached to it though and since they technically still own the pistol, they are authorized to transport it to the range (it would be a federal offense for me to literally take it from the store and walk through a doorway to a connected building, they have to do it) but I got to run 50 rounds through it the other day and I'm pretty happy with it. No malfunctions and decent grouping once I started to get over trying to compensate for recoil (all my pistol experience until now was with .177 or .22).

I think I'm starting to understand the sights too.

I did horrible on the duelling tree though lol.

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Very very cool you know he's Darth Vader's voice
Oh yes, I’ve seen the films once or twice lol. My wife is a fan. Not sure why I am surprised he had a collection but seems like most actors are in CA, which isn’t a easy state to collect in. Then again my local range/lgs rent their vault space and from what I understand most of it is to out of state individuals.
301 - 320 of 322 Posts