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Obligatory maintnance

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since I shot my new M40 2 weeks ago and had not cleaned it :(
Tonight after having gone to the range and shot my new Walther I had the time to clean both guns.
very similar in terms of ease to take it down.

I hosed the gun out using brake parts cleaner, then scrubbed the bore.
I decided just for the heck of it to remove the extractor and make sure she was nice and clean as well as lubed.

Putting it back is harder than removal :lol: , but isn't that always the case.

I had almost forgot how nice cleaning a modern handgun can be. I'm big into 1911's and that's what I carry on duty. I want to qualify with my Styer and have a Safariland holster on order but I may have to wait until October :?

I also want to qualify with a Walther but such is life.

All in all an easy 15 minutes to get the gun cleaned and lubed. She's ready for the next range session.
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I agree that the S9 comes apart so quickly and is very easy to do a basic cleaning on. I am somewhat afflicted with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and actually like cleaning my guns. In fact, now that I know how to do it, I always take apart the slide and remove the trigger group for detailed cleaning. Even doing this it only takes me about 15-20 minutes to clean and lube the gun.

On a separate note, I'm curious what made you get into the "combat tupperware" of the Steyr and Walther after being a 1911 man. Usually 1911 enthusiasts never change platforms because of the superiority of that platform/cartridge. I was 1911 man for years but when I got back into shooting recently I approached it with a fresh outlook and now am a big proponent of polymer-framed compact/high-capcity 9mms. I'm even considering trading my old Springfield 1911 workhorse for a CZ P-01 - what blasphemy!

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I had several Glocks for years and the 1911 was always a games gun. I then decided to carry a 1911 on duty.

As the years go by lighter, more corrosion resistant and higher capacity become more attractive. Not to mention the ease of stripping. I end up getting in and out of the car a lot even in bad weather.

Besides I have over $1200.00 in my Colt, I would rather screw up an under $300.00 Steyr, or if it gets taken from me for evidence it's a lot easier on the budget.
I love cleaning my firearms.

Everything smooth and clean.

That great smell of gun oil.

Knowing that every firearm that I've invested a large amount of money and time in is in perfect condition is important to me. In addition, I have an old 1911 that was my Grandfather's pistol that he bought shortly after the War and it's very important to me to keep it in tip-top shape for when I have children to pass it down too.
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