Objective Individual Combat Weapon

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    wow, now there's an accident waitin to happen

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    A total POS and a joke.

    It got canceled years ago (2005 IIRC)
    It started in `84 or `85 and should have been canceled in the late 80's.

    The concept was that tiny little, and I do mean tiny little, metal splinters from the exploding micro shells would wound enemy troops and they would stop fighting and maybe even die.
    The "carbine" lower is supposed to be a back-up if the upper went tits up (a very likely prospect).

    Three huge flaws in the OICW concept.
    I won't even bother trying to list all the technical problems with making the grenade launcher/ammo solider proof and reliable.

    #1 It assumes that the enemy will not be wearing any body armor, as soon as you wear even older 90's Kevlar, those micro splinters won't do sh1t (which the Russians have now and sell to anyone with cash), todays latest American made BA will stop rifle bullets.
    By the time that thing would have gotten fielded, even the Chinese will have BA standard.
    Making it totally useless in a conventional war.

    #2 The "back up" 5.56 carbine with it's 10" barrel is a cruel joke and totally worthless.
    Back in 1984 people thought you could use super short (under 14 in) barrels in a 5.56 rifle and still have decent stopping power.
    Somalia and later combat in the GWOT has taught us that is WRONG.
    Even dropping from 14 to 12 inches causes many 5.56 rounds ( NATO standard M855 most of all) to no longer fragment (the 5.56s trick for effectiveness) at over 100 yards.
    In a 10" barrel, the range a M855 will still fragment is under 50 yards (150 feet !!!!).
    If 5.56 doesn't fragment, it barely has more "stopping power" than a 22LR.

    The bottom line, a 2 pound 9mm pistol is nearly as effective as that 5 pound "rifle".

    #3 It assumes the enemy doesn't want to kill you or die trying.
    Maybe that was true against the WARSAW Pact in the `80s when the project started, a willfully insane idea against Muslim fanatics in today's WOT.

    The first time I read about it was around 1987 in the Army Times, and even then as a 18 year old private, I knew it was just gold plated dog shite and would never work.

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    Was that made to aid the highly mobile force concept? :?