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'O >grumble< Canada!

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Having recently jumped through the various hoops required to acquire a Canadian restricted license (I gather it's still better than it was), I've been looking into picking up my first pistol.

So far, I have to say that what's blowing my skirt up is one of the new M40-A1s. Kinda pricey for a first pistol, I know, but so very nice.

That said, as some of you may be aware, the rules are somewhat different up here in the Not-Presently-Frozen-North. For instance, 10-round mags (which can be just the regular mags semi-permanently modified), and longer barrels. From what I've been able to research on my own, that has resulted in 5-inch barrels on the M40-A1s in these parts.

My confusion arises from the fact that these are going for $795-$839 CDN. Given the favorable exchange rate at the moment, that just doesn't add up given the prices available to you southern folks (about $500 or so from what I've been able to find, sometimes lower). Bear in mind that I'm going strictly by what I've been able to dig up online.

Given that there's a 5-inch barrel, is this a production for Canada only? If so, there's no way around the higher price, is there?
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as a fellow Canadian I thought I should reply :)

the barrel is NOT 5in it's 4.17 or 106mm, so it's just a little longer.

as for prices ALL guns are overpriced in Canada :( Glocks in US go for $450 in Canada $800-900 so it's not just Steyrs.

I believe they are Production legal (that's what I bought mine for, but haven't used it yet) since the barrel is is factory not aftermarket.
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