NRA Membership?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by xjrat, Dec 27, 2006.

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    My wife and I have been thinking about joining the NRA. What are the benifits or down sides? Is it good to do the life membership? Do you get deals on stuff, is there cheep representation if you are in a shootout and need a lawyer? If I join does my wife need to join as well or does one membership cover the spouse?
    I want to support an organzation that is strong and defends my rights. The NRA also seem very family friendly also.
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    I joined the NRA last year after purchasing my first gun. I figured I was doing the "right thing" to support our ownership rights, etc. However, I will not be renewing my membership in February, and I'm real glad I didn't get a lifetime membership.

    They bombard you with requests for money. It's ridiculous - every day there is at least one "urgent" request - every dollar counts! Their requests for money read like doomsday warnings - you would swear a government official was going to take away your weapons tomorrow if you don't contribute at LEAST $20. Still, I figured I could tolerate all the constant solicitations for money.

    But then they sent a DVD - I forget the title - I think it was something like "10 Guns that Changed the World", or something to that affect. I certainly didn't want it, and I sure wasn't about to pay for it. It came with a return box if I didn't want to keep it, and the letter enclosed more or less explained that they understand I didn't request the dvd, but they just wanted to give it to me, and if I wanted to send it back, great! if not, oh well, but they would appreciate payment for it.

    I know it's not asking too much to throw the stupid thing in the box and drive by the mailbox, but this REALLY angered me. I didn't want the crap and I sure didn't want to have to go out of my way to get rid of it. I virtually never go to the post office and I really did not appreciate this type of solicitation for money. So I threw the damn thing in the trash and now I get a guilt letter about every week that roughly explains how I'm hurting their pursuit to maintain and further our freedoms and I'm generally not a "good member". Of course it doesn't use that exact language, but you get the idea.

    It seems to me that the American Rifleman or any of their other magazines are about the only "pro's" to being a member. Even then, the magazine is about 75% advertisement, so it's not even that great of a deal. I think I'll spend the membership fee next year on a different magazine subscription instead of maintaining my NRA membership.

    You can always go to their website to find out who they recommend you vote for, and I will likely continue to do that even after my membership expires.

    Or maybe I'll give the TSRA a try.


    /rant off. :D


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    "What are the benifits or down sides?"
    I don't see any downsides. You help keep your right to have a gun intact. They have $1,000 of gun theft coverage and minor discounts for different things. has a list of benefits on the left side of the splash page.

    "Is it good to do the life membership?"
    I'm superstitious, I'll get killed the day after I sign up.

    ".. is there cheep representation if you are in a shootout and need a lawyer?"
    Their Institute has a list of gun lawyers and has helped some members in high profile cases.

    "If I join does my wife need to join as well or does one membership cover the spouse?"
    They have a family membership.

    "I want to support an organzation that is strong and defends my rights. The NRA also seem very family friendly also."
    Yes. The anti-gunners have the government, the RINOs, the Democrats, and the sheeple. We have NRA, GOA, JPFO, etc. and they need support.
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    I have been a life member of the NRA for 10 or 15 years and was a yearly member for several years before that. I periodically donate money for this or that appeal, if I feel like it. Occasionally, they do something stupid like send out that video you mention, along with a request for more money. But, as SELFDEFENSE says, they fight the good fight to keep gun rights intact.

    Do I agree with them all the time? No. Do I feel obligated to support every cause or issue they send my way? No. If I am not interested in a particular appeal, I just toss it in the wastebasket and think no more about it.

    I have been married 33 years, and can tell you that my wife and I don’t agree on everything, but we recognize we have more together than apart, so we continue our relationship (that, and she is one hot babe).

    My relationship with the NRA is similar. They provide the punch on a national and international level that I could not do alone. They are the elephant in the room: you can’t ignore them. If you are looking for what they can do for you, you lose. If you are looking at what you can do with them, you win.

    I recommend everyone join a group that helps you magnify your political reach. Join the NRA. Join a regional or State gun owners group (in WA State it is WA Arms Collectors, one of the biggest groups in the country). Join a local range. It is no different than being part of a team or group with common goals.

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    There's lots of benefits ... if you want some sort of no compromise, hard as nails, death before dishonor type gun rights organization the NRA ain't it ... but they are still the most effective gun rights lobby that exists (honestly the "All or nothing" crowd are more likely to get us "nothing").

    But lobbying is only a small part of what the NRA does (in fact its only the NRA-ILA that does any lobbying).

    • I had a gun stolen in August and as an NRA member I automatically get $1000 of insurance coverage for my firearms so I got a check for the stolen gun.
    • Many private ranges require NRA membership because they get the insurance for the range through the NRA.
    • The NRA has TONS of educational programs.
    • The NRA supports a large chunk of the shooting competitions out there.
    • They send you plenty of window stickers (which are fun to frighten sheep and hippies).
    • American Rifleman is a pretty decent gun rag.[/*:m:3bd54h1e]

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    No offense to Syntax360 and xjrat but you guys are very short-sighted on this!! The NRA was the only organization powerful enough to fight the UN gun ban head on!

    I've been a life member for 10 years and the most important reason to join NRA is the legislative power they have to protect YOUR RIGHTS to continue to own all these firearms.

    It's not a raffle or a toy chest with prizes! Did you guys vote during this past 2006 off-year election?? A lot of our "Conservative Gunowner" crowd didn't and we may regret that VERY SOON when the Democrats come into power again! 8-O
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    NRA membership

    Well, syntax covered the cons pretty well. It is easy to get tired of the fear mongering and the tactics used by the "professional" fund raisers they apparently hire for some of their more unsavory marketing practices.

    However, the NRA is well intentioned and genuinely concerned with preserving the right of the american people to bear arms. They represent a cause worth supporting and (as other folks have pointed out) a group of folks united in support of a common cause tend to be more effective in encouraging our congressional representatives to do the right thing than any one of us are likely to be on our own.

    So, XJRAT, i'd recommend you and your wife consider membership. There are no perfect people and there are no perfect organizations but we can all work together to make the NRA better and in doing so we support the rights of gun owners and freedom lovers all over America.

  8. MrApathy

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    this thread sums up my opinion of NRA

    last year was excellent time for getting things changed in Iowa with elections. no help from NRA whatsoever. I am with state organizations and NRA has state functions but they vary in activity and actual helpfullness.

    NRA needs to fight on the front lines instead they ask for handouts and do the same work as politicians and whores. check NRA's opinion on situations youll here 2 opinions one for the hardliners and another that actually happens.

    I am more of a GOA and JPFO kinda guy they have less money and are effective. look at what the Democrats did the last few years with the minority position and they stopped the republicans cold on some issues. media is definately biased.

    chicago and the nations capital guns are banned for common citizens. wheres the NRA on that? its nothing new nothing overnight. have had nice success in getting states in recent history to become shall issue ccw states but we have states with may issue and still 2 states with no issues, Wisconsin continuously trying. other states having to override the Governor. NRA at times helps and hurts has no problems stepping up taking credit but is not very proactive. too damn PC.

    support state and local concealed carry groups and class3 firearm groups. 1986 ban needs to go. concealed carry permits need to be recognized by full faith and credit nation wide just like drivers licenses.

    I live in a state that has lots of counties and the law is different in every single county. its insanity. further more the cities are influenced by larger cities like they are a status symbol and the politics of those land are infectious namely Chicago where guns are banned for common citizens its totally restricted to agents of the government and corporations.

    cant sleep all the time

    "I feel sorry for the man who, after reading the daily newspaper,
    goes to bed believing he knows something of what's going on in the world"
    -Henry Louis Mencken

    "Most people,sometime in their lives, stumble across truth.
    Most jump up, brush themselves off, and hurry on about their business
    as if nothing had happened."
    -Winston Churchhill

    you could try and be like some join the NRA and try and change them from the inside.
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    Dayam, MrAp 8-O

    U R 1 scarry sumbitch :!: How in the -Hell- do you have the time to stay up on so much current politikin' and world events 8-O

    Wulf <-- hits his knees in awe and wonderment for The Great And Powerful AP, chanting, "I'm not worthy...I'm not worthy...."--like some backstage Alice Cooper groupie.

    Thanx for the link. :wink: