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Discussion in 'Anything Else' started by IDPASteyr, Apr 15, 2005.

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    Talk about a candy store...Went to the NRA convention today and had a ball. Steyr was there with the new stuff. Only one pistol, M9A1, but great group of people.

    CZ had their new Tactical/Target in 40 S&W and it was one of the nicest handguns in the show. Won't be released until mid summer, but I got my name on the list.

    Everyone was there, Springfield, Colt, Kahr, Glock, Beretta, S&W, Rock River, Barrett, Sharps....Talk about a great way to spend a day. And you get to hold everything.

    Two thing, If you are not an NRA member, join. They are the only ones working unceasingly to protect our rights. Second, If you get a chance to go to the convention, don't miss it.
  2. Cool, did Steyr have anything to say about increasing their distribution to retailers of the new MA1 pistol? Call me old fashion, but I'd love it if I could go down to my local Gandor Mountain or firearms dealer and hold one before buying it on the internet.

  3. FlaChef

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    did you introduce yourself to steyr reps as the resident IDPA king of these forums?

    any news or tidbits from their reps?
  4. madecov

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    I'm going to try and have a conversation with Steyr while I'm there Sunday.

    Especially considering my M40 will be my duty gun.
  5. IDPASteyr

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    We've been talking to Steyr for over three years and they are aware of both mine and Ms. Steyr's resume. Thanks for asking Chef. Steyr is watching this forum.

    Regarding the increase in production, they are working on ways to make that happen. They'll make the details known when they're ready. I anticipate within the next year we will have many more members of Steyr Club.

    madecov, Enjoy the show. It really is great. Rumor around the show is it was the biggest ever. Still would like to get together with you and the other Steyr owners in the Houston area for a Steyr day at the range.

    I had as great a time today as yesterday.