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Not very comfortable with it yet....need advice.

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Since getting my Fist IWB holster, I have been trying it on and practicing drawing, etc. Just trying to get comfortable with it.

I'm having a hard time, honestly.

First, the holster is very tight to the gun. I'm in the process of breaking it in, so that should get better. But it is leading to all sorts of draw issues for me, some of which I need help with.


I've got the holster & gun strong-side IWB, attached to my belt. I've been trying on-hip, and at 4 & 5 o'clock. When I go to draw, I pull my freaking pants up and give myself a wedgie ;). Well, not really, but my pants do ride up, and the gun doesn't draw nicely from the rig. It sticks in there, and I wind up awkwardly getting to to release by pulling really hard.

It seems the tighter I pull my belt (to try to counteract the pants-pull), the holster now squeezes the gun tighter and it doesn't draw any easier.

I feel like the holster & pants should be secure, and the gun should just slip right out without all the freaking drama.

Do I just have to get this leather better broken in first?

Another question - might sound stupid, but hey, I'm new at this:

When carrying IWB, should the holster ride between the pants and underwear, or inside the underwear also, with the leather resting on the body? :lol: I *thought* the first way was correct, but now I wonder if the holster would be more secure if the leather was directly touching skin, adding friction to the holster so it doesn't slide up (and yank my pants with it) when I draw.

Any advice on this would be much appreciated. I'm sloppy as hell with this thing right now, and won't feel secure carrying once I get my permit unless I can get the draw to be MUCH smoother & easier.

Thanks fellas.
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i use my DeSantis IWB.. most people that look at my s40 and holster say they think the holster is too loose.. it WILL NOT hold the gun in if held upside down in your hand. now once i put the holstered s40 inside my pants, not underwear.. it will not go anywhere.. and it has a nice quick and easy draw.. yet i dont have to worry if running,sitting,crouching, its a perfect holster for what "I" was looking for.. i think holsters are 100% all about personal preference and comfort. here is a link to the thread i spoke of my holster in. ... opic&t=115
The Fist holster is VERY tight. I'm sure it needs to be loosened up.

The problem is around the slide from what I can tell. It's so damn tight the slide will come out of battery when I insert the gun.

These holster have two slight indents which should provide great retention; one is a contour around the ejection port, and the other is an indent for the trigger guard. The combination of these two should hold the gun just fine, even with the rest of the holster loosened up.

I've got my M9 in the holster right now, with a big ol' sock over the whole gun. I had to really force it all the way into the holster, and it takes a good bit of strength to pull it out. I'm hoping this will loosen things up over the next few days.

So is it safe to assume that when you draw your S out of your holster, everything stays put? No wedgie, no pants riding up, and little or no holster movement? That's what I'm after; it's how I assume things are supposed to be.

Maybe all I need is some good break-in time......I hope so.
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mine was great from the word go.. no break in required.. it is made of very very soft leather material.. i like a loose IWB holster. only real reason for it is so i dont have to worry about the thing falling down my pant leg.. and having my friends tell me im carrying like a mexican.the M40 would prolly stick out of the end of the holster just a lil bit, but other than that i dont see any reason an M series would not fit in the one i have.. i have not tried an m9 or s9 in it yet.. i will have to do that at the gun shop and take photos for you. sometimes it takes a few holsters to get the one that works for you.. thats why ya can always sell the ones you dont like here.. Someone else might like its particular characteristics.
Try Kydex - Comp-Tac CTAC IWB

I just got my S9 and shot an IDPA match with this rig. The Kydex molded holster body keeps the gun secure and constant pressure on the gun - no sticking points even if you have your belt cinched tight or are sitting down. It holds the S9 close to the body but the draw (and reholster) is super easy and smooth, with a "click" as the gun seats in place. There is no lock, but the friction fit is perfect, I think it may be adjustable but I didn't need to adjust it. The belt clips are modular depending upon how you want to carry and they are mounted to the holster on leather tabs that flex as you walk or sit. We had a stage where you had to draw while sitting in a chair and it was no problem at all. Easy on/off too, just loosen you belt and lift the belt tabs and the holster out of your pants. I tuck it underneath my shirt but not in my underwear.

Extremely comfortable, extremely concealable, extremely fast draw and unimpeded reholstering - what more could you want in a holster?
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Hey man - think you could fix up that link, or give me more details on the holster you're using?

The link is only to comp-tac's site, not to your specific model of holster, and I don't know which IWB model you've got - there are several.

Trust me you do not want to walk around all day with a gun, or holster up against your skin. That would be very uncomfortable! I always wear something between my gun and skin.
Yeah, their website uses some flash navigation so there is no direct link to the specific holster. The one I have is the C-T.A.C. model, so click on "Products" and then click on "C-T.A.C". I bought this used on and the previous owner said it was for the S9 and M9. My S9 fits perfectly and there is enough space left where I could see the longer slide of the M9 going in as well. I guess it must hold the gun at the trigger guard as that would be in the same position on both guns in the holster

They don't list Steyr on their pull-down boxes, so you may have to contact them about the Steyr specifically.

Thanks, man.

I'm gonna have to look into one of those. I like it.
If you have a leather holster the best way I found to loosen it up is to put your gun in a sock and the jam it into the holster. Make sure you get it all the way in!

Usually you only need 1 night of the gun in sock in a holster to loosen it right up. Try it and let us know if that does the trick.
Sturm - I did exactly that last night. And yes, it worked very well.

Unfortunately, I think I'm just not happy with this particular holster. The retention is much better now, but it's just not comfortable enough for me. And with a tight belt/jeans, the gun is still not loose enough in the holster to suit my taste.

I'm thinking I might really like the "snap-in" retention of a kydex. I'm definitely going to investigate the Comp-tac posted earlier. I'm also going to look into the Ruger/Sig models you posted about in another thread.

On another note, there's something else disturbing about this particular holster. Since the belt loop is adjustable for cant, the snaps have screws in the center, and corresponding molly on the inside of the holster. When tightened into position, the screw threads are exposed on the inside of the leather, and I have noticed several scratches on my pistol from them. This is something I'm definitely unhappy with, and is the reason I will return it rather than sell it to a fellow Stery-oid. (that term being coined by NavyGuy - I like it!!). Fist has a 6-month, 100% refund policy. I think I'll take advantage of it and keep looking for a holster that suits my tastes.
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Re: Try Kydex - Comp-Tac CTAC IWB

jng1226 said:
I just got my S9 and shot an IDPA match with this rig.
Extremely comfortable, extremely concealable, extremely fast draw and unimpeded reholstering - what more could you want in a holster?
I know you said you bought this on GunBroker. Since Comp-Tac doesn't list Steyr as one of their models, do you know which model gun it was acutally designed for? It sounds like a good choice -- particularly if you can find one on sale. But I want to make sure I look for the right one.

May be best to ask Comp-Tac


I corresponded with the guy before I won his auction. He said it was designed for the M9 but he used it for his S9, and that there is a little space left for the longer slide of the M9. I find this be the likely truth, as the S9 fits PERFECTLY. As I mentioned, it clicks audibly and holds the gun without any play, while still drawing and reholstering perfectly (fast and allowing a full firing grip in the holster. I haven't tried to adjust it as it came perfectly set up.

Perhaps it is the case (like most holster makers) that Comp-Tac originally made a Kydex mold for the M9/S9 when it came out, but as demand dropped off during the flopped launch, they stopped making it. I would hope they still had the mold and could make more if demand reappears. So I would email them directly to find out. There's an idea, several of us should email them separately so they see some "chatter" about the Steyr again.

I was originally looking for an IDPA-legal OWB holster to use in competition to gain some speed, but I am glad I ran across this and won it. Knowing now from first hand experience with this holster, I would definitely pay full retail for it. I seriously think it is the best holster I have ever used and am planning on getting one each for my 1911 and Sig 228.

I'll email them tonight about the Steyr.

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Comp-Tac makes steyr holsters by special request, they said they had to borrow one from a local customer who owns some to mold them.
I got the impression when i corresponded that they don't really like doing it, but since then others have said they tack on an extra $20.

Someone who hasn't done so should write them and say the forum members were wondering what they are doing for steyrs now.

Also consider grandfatheroak.

he is very steyr friendly and is also making a ruger Sp101 holster for my wife right now. He gives $3 off the GT steyr club members for all the references we've given him and has said it will apply to new forum members also. (and he's half the price of same style blade-tecs)

I THINK he's a steyr owner also, but I don't remember why I think that (something someone said or something in one of our correspondeces?)

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I have a fist #20 IWB. It was VERY tight at first. I sprayed the inside with silicone spray and then used the sock treatment .
I left it in the holster w/ the sock for 3 or 4 days. I have sprayed it w/ silicone once since and it is much easier to unholster now.
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