North American Union

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    are you ready for the North American Union?

    article on North American Union

    Council Foreign Relations pdf on building a north american community ... _final.pdf ... unity.html

    Southern border blurs for global trade ... E_ID=50451

    North America's SuperCorridor Coalition
    NASCO's websites and plans.

    North America's SuperCorridor Coalition, Inc

    nasco website is now full of spin
    the best lies are mixed with half truths

    the popular article going around is labeled
    Bush Administration Quietly Plans NAFTA Super Highway
    can view it at website below

    wonder how the guest worker program will work with this

    cargo making its way nonstop uninspected

    wonder if we will enjoy are rights or if the privilege to them will dissapear under this Globalism.

    if that was not enough new website
    Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North America

    North American Union: Deconstructing the U.S. ... 2429.shtml

    North American Union: Coup d'état American Style ... 1829.shtml

    North American Union: Remaking Three Nations ... 1336.shtml

    pdf from Report to Leaders ... to_leaders
    images from site and pdf

    new website
    the trans texas corridor
    interactive map of where it will be ... active.swf

    Senator ditches bill tied to 'superstate' ... E_ID=51222
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    Yes, some people speculate (not without good reason) that the reason Bush is so lackadaisical about controlling the borders is that in a few years there won’t really BE any borders to control . . . :(

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    Actually, I've thought for quite a while that that would be a good idea all around, but my idea was a bit more complicated.

    I think we should just [u[buy[/u] Mexico. All of it. We'll pick up a few more states (taxes, revenue), we'll be able to install our own police/law enforcement systems and people, institute a plan similar to the Alaskan purchase where everybody had the option of becoming citizens right away with all perks and priviledges or move out with some sort of one-time payout, the local standards of living will go up immediately (to satisfy the libs), and the border patrol issue becomes a NON-issue.

    I'm sure there are many other benefits that I haven't thought of, and probably a few risks (that I'm ignoring too!) but I think that this is a feasible, workable, and realistic plan. Similar to the Mead Plan dealing with the eastern half of Russia a few years ago (THAT would have worked out AWESOME!!!!)
    Here's some background on that: Note some of Walter Mead's proposal items. There's no reason to presume we couldn't apply the same principles to the Mexico purchase...

  4. Matches

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    Sounds like a decent idea, but it would probably never work. What sovereign nation is going to sell itself to another. National pride gets in the way. Add in the coruption at all levels in Mexico and those in power wont want to give up what they got.

  5. mikey

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    Yes, it was one thing for the Russian Czar to sell off some of his surplus real estate, but it would be quite another for a country to literally sell itself to another - especially if the country that’s buying is run by the hated Gringos.

    Besides - if the deal went through - Mexico would have to be treated strictly as a colony (and exploited as such). It could never actually become part of the United States. Otherwise, we’d be welcoming 100 million poverty-stricken individuals to America, nearly all of whom would immediately qualify for welfare. Heavens, who needs that?