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I'm interested in a M9-A1. I currently own a P7M8 and have owned a G19 in the past. I found that the stock G19 fronstrap was too short and had to modify it heavily to fit. G17, SIG 225,228/9 fit me well. Will the Steyr fit my hand, given my G19 experience? I can't locate one locally yet to try out.

Any member's in the Columbus, Ohio area?

As you can see below, I did quite a bit of work to my old G19:


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Hello...and WELCOME, Curare. If you don"t mind a trip to the Cleveland area...I've got M9 and S9 available,,,,lots of CCI and a range not far away. I'll swap you for an opportunity learn more about a p7 m8. IMO, I firmly believe that the M9 and the S9 are some of the best designed handguns for a smaller hand on the market.
Really nice looking custom work on the Glock!
Shoot me a PM if you're interested in getting together. Glad to have you on the forum.

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Is about as close to an answer as your gonna get, don't know how far it is to travel, but holding/shooting one will be the only way to be sure.

Otherwise it's like asking how well that pair of shoes will fit.
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