Non Lurker Now with a M-A1 9mm

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by yerby, May 9, 2007.

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    I received my pistol from CDNN last Friday and took it to the range on Saturday afternoon. It came with two Hi-Cap mags and I ordered two more. I do like this pistol.

    In years past I have owned and shot virtually everything and I do think this is a great weapon to handle and a breeze to shoot.

    Somewhere along the line I crossed up some "wires" and didn't realize that the M-A1 did not have a manual safety; I was really looking forward to that feature. I like having something to click off. It is like a last line of defense, a barrier that you have to cross.

    Pistol did well after I got used to the trap sights and my new point of aim.

    I ran through about 300 rounds with only one FTE, and that was due to ammo. I shot two boxes of 115 gr hardball from American and then several 15 year old 147 JHP sub-sonic reloaded boxes that had been in my garage. One did FTE but when I fired it, the round felt weak so I was not surprised.

    Anyone have a S-9? I need one for the girlfriend. That's not a trade by the way.

    I have ordered from Wild Bill some leather and hope I can get it from him; I have products from him and it is rather good for the price.

    CDNN was great to deal with. They talked be through the process of ordering a pistol and what hops I would have to jump through. Gun and two mags for less that 400 bucks.

    Thanks to everyone on here for the wealth of info.

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    :D Welcome aboard!!

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    I shared your surprise when I picked up my M9A1 - at the time, I didn't know they were not equipped with the manual safety. After a few weeks of shooting it, and later a few months of carrying it, I feel like I'm better off without it and I'm rather glad I made the "mistake". All you need to think about is lining up the sights and pulling the trigger - no fine motor skills required to make your pistol "ready". I have seen a few S9's at local gunshows - they were asking $529 :shock:.

    Welcome to the club! Glad to have ya with us!
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    Nice purchase, yerby. I don't mind it at all that there's no manual safety on my M9A1. Like the Delta said in Black Hawk Down (holding up his trigger finger), "This is my safe." Later,
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    Welcome to the Club, Yerby. :)

    Lurkin' is fine, but participatin' is encouraged. Thanx for your post. Hava great week. :)


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    Congrats on breaking out of lurk mode.
    I do like the safety, but you will like your A1 without it.