Non LEO Hi Capacity magazines?

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Guest, Oct 31, 2005.

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    I just received a couple of hi cap mags for my M40 and noticed that they are both marked LEO with a date of manufacture and a warning message. I assume that these were made during the hi cap ban. What I would like to ask is if there are any hi cap mags without the LEO markings, i.e. current production?
  2. madecov

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    I don't think so. All the 40 mags I have ordered have been LEO marked
    The 9mm ones I have received have been new without markings.

  3. pghllew

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    what's the difference??

    is it that LEO mags drop free when you press the mag release and others dont?? If they are both hi caps, what gives???
  4. FlaChef

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    from 1994-2004 it was illegal to sell new magazines to civilians w/ more than a 10 round capacity. That's why they are marked LEO only. They are the same in every other way.