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Discussion in 'Industry News' started by madecov, Jul 25, 2005.

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    I sent Steyr in Austria an e mail about 2 weeks ago. I had some questions and figured go right to the horses mouth.
    Well, two weeks later and no answer.

    I really love the M40. I really would like the M40A1. but given the lack of response to my questions. Given the lack of ability to get reapirs if needed. Given the lack of any accessory availability. And of course given the folks here on the board who are posting problems after several hundred rounds, I am seriously of thinking I might as well just get a ................................................Glock.

    Besides I can get a Glock for about the same price of the M40A1 and have some amount of peice of mind and not worry about problems, parts, accessiries.

    Glock isn't exactly my first choice. The Steyr has a way better trigger, better ergonomics, better fit and just plain looks better. It at least has some style and lines. The design concept is way better. But, it seems the execution of the design is either flawed or not fine tuned.

    What do you all think?
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    Hate to sound like a busted record...

    Again, would you put up with this kind of-or rather-lack of support from any other product? You read my previous's no different than puchasing a car. Would you buy one from a company with no 3yr/36,000 coverage? You can't have blind loyalty to any product, and I'm not holding my breath for some plant that MIGHT open up MAYBE in Georgia SOMETIME next year. I laid down some good coin to by my new M357A1, the very least that I ask is that the damned thing work especially with virtually no support stateside. I've come to the conclusion that every importer that brought in the pistols backed out of the deal...not Steyr backing out. For Pete's sake man, they cannot even answer your friggin' email :!: No excuse not to answer a customers question. They need to get their act together.

    On a lighter note, and speaking abouit customer support, did you think about the Springfield XD line? I've got an XD-40 and love it :D
    Although I have not had performance issues with either my XD or my Mil-Spec .45, they do back their product and I heard nothing but rave reviews on the customer support.

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    My main issue with the XD is lack of tennifer . I know several deputies who have them and all of them have rust issues.

    If I go to a polymer gun I want it to be virtually corrosion proof.
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    I feel the same way you do madecov, That's why I sold my M40 and bought a new Glock 38. And I could be happier. I have peace of mind now. But I do misss my Steyr
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    Before you get too excited, you have to remember how European culture works. July and August are virtually shut downs across most of Europe. That's when everyone...and I mean everyone...takes their holidays. I learned that the hard way working committees in NATO. We were all geared up to have the next meeting - and the Europeans politely pointed out that they don't work in the summer. So don't jump too quickly on Steyr -- it may be a cultural issue and it doesn't even occur to them to have an "Out of Office" kind of reply set up. Another European wouldn't even think about asking a question during the holiday season -- it's just not like being in the States.
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    Jim has nailed it. We have a sales office in Europe and they shut down for the entire month of August. Lots of companies have skeleton crews working from late June as people start enjoying their summer holidays. European really know how to prioritize, I have always begrudged my colleagues and their 8 full weeks of vacation.

    Regarding the XD - you could always send the slide to Tripp (and others) to have it hard-chromed to solve the rust issues. I love competing with my S9 and M9 but if Steyr doesn't get serious about coming out with a competition version (5", adj. sights, trigger, etc.) I am going to get an XD Tactical and trick it out with the many available parts for IDPA/USPSA matches.

  7. I can't speak intelligently about why Steyr Mannlicher has failed to reply to your email, but I can say that they are in a serious transitional process with some major corporate changes going on right now.

    Furthermore, you have to remember that it will always appear that there are alot of issues with Steyr pistols because people tend to post those problems more than they do just a random "i luv Steyr" post. Look at the Surveys on this thread and you'll find that many on this website think very highly of their Steyr pistol.

    Steyr doesn't just produce pistols and set them on the market place without first doing some serious torture testing. An early prototype of the M-40 was tested by firing 10,000 rounds in two days time with only four failures and that was an early prototype. Now I am not sure what exactly was done during development of the MA1 series, but I'm sure they did the same sort of testing.

    We've got guys on here you have fired on or about 10,000 rounds with zero failures. I've fired my M-40 over a 1,000 times and have never had a single issue. I'd still buy a Steyr any day of the weak and twice on Sunday over any other handgun.
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    I am going to put in my two cents worth as a newbie to Steyr and Steyr Club. I have similar concerns with my Steyr. Like Madecov, I am also a law enforcement officer in Texas, and that makes a difference with what I carry.

    I took my new S9 out this weekend for the first time and fired 100 rounds of 115 grain WWB. Like many others, I had 7 - 8 FTE's. I broke the pistol down before shooting and cleaned, lubed, etc. just like the recommendations. I can't recall ever shooting any of my guns only 100 rounds and having that many failures.

    I carried 3 different Glocks for several years (22, 27 & 32). I shot them all many times and never had 1 malfunction, let alone 7 - 8 in one session.

    I love my new S9 and believe in Steyr. It beats any of the Glocks in terms of ergonomics, trigger, quality, etc. It just plain feels better and shoots better!

    I broke it down tonight and even cleaned the extractor per the great instructions on this site. I hope that, along with more shooting, will evenutally work the problem out.

    Let's all keep our fingers crossed that Steyr gets it together. They obviously have a loyal following and would be crazy not to tap into it!
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    Last time I looked at the calendar it was still July, but I get it. I totally forgot about that whole European concept of month long vacations. I dont see how they get any work done. After a 3 day weekend I know a lot of peopel who cant get back into the swing of things at the office. Seriously this is the vacation time of year and, as has been pointed out, many companied in Europe close up shop for a month or more.

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    must be nice 8O
    but then again i think getting more than 3 days of vacation and at least one holiday a year off is nice :roll:
    hell i was doing 6 days a week since sept. untill about 2 weeks ago. :evil:
    even now that i work for a company that i get paid vacations for the first time in my life I have to cash them out because ther is no chance to use it. ](*,)

    but what the hell do I know I'm a stupid american in the SERVICE industry!!
    too bad the american SERVICE offices at steyr can't answer an e-mail (or auto reply a "out of office").

    I'm thinking i know where some of steyrs problems w/ the US market is coming form :idea: :lol:
    it's not like their trying to do business w/ other europeans on this side of the pond
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    Well, ok. I might give them a break on the vacation issue.

    I don't think I'll give them a break on the issue of reliability and service.
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    Important parts of life.....

    For all of you who denigrate our dissolute European cousins for their holiday habits, I will point out that they have lower rates of infant mortality, drug & alcohol addiction, chronic disease - both physical and mental, better outcomes for those who are ill and spend half what we do to get them.
    They could learn some things from us all right.....
    like how to work like dogs for low wages, stress out, get sick, die early and spend their national treasures on silly adventures of empire. I think they already went down that road.... they got a new map.
    My M9 is still perking right along - blowing bullets down the pipe - without a single issue.
    Cheers, amigos!
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    Who's bagging on the European vacation model? I think most, if not all of us, are jealous of it.

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    That's for sure. Several of the guys I met from Europe get at least 5 weeks of vacation inside the first year at a new job. Darn right, I'm jealous! But they have to admit to paying pretty stiff taxes.
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    Mr. Hypersensitive....that's me.....

    In reviewing the posts, I see where I probably read a lot into MrBruceWayne's post that was not there. I have this discussion on other forums regularly and I think I was displacing my argument where it didn't belong.
    Regarding taxes being marginally higher in Europe, that is true to a degree, although when you add all of the Federal, state and local taxes many of us pay here in the U.S, compared with the level of services we receive for them, the picture is not any better - if as good.
    I still love my M-9, though, in spite of those lazy Austrians!
    I sure see alot of Europeans come through Western Colorado every summer on those BMW bikes with the metal luggage. I met a couple from Germany last year who shipped their bikes to Miami, and were on a trancontinental tour all the way to Alaska and back for June, July and August. I wish I had that much vacation in 10 years!
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    ... all I ever wanted

    What? I loved European Vacation! :lol: That Chevy Chase... :lol:
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    I talked to Steyr Mannlicher Austria about this today when they phoned me. They have tough firewalls and sometimes, E-mails do not go through. It also depends on where the e-mail is routed and who it goes to in the office.

    This has been a bit of an issue, but, most USA e-mails should get through no problem.

    I am in the U.S. and I communicate with them with no problems by E-mail.

    Regards, CGuns

    PM if you need further info, or a contact.