"No Proof" That Arms Found In Iraq Were Austrian:W

Discussion in 'Industry News' started by MrApathy, Feb 24, 2007.

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    Mr. A,

    Thanks for staying on top of this issue. The above is the first new article I've seen on it since the Telegraph's.

    If we're waiting on the Telegraph to run a correction, or even better, to admit they ran with an unattributed source article that turned out to have not one scintilla of proof behind it, we'll probably be waiting until hell freezes over, to quote one of my favorite liberals, the late Adlai Stevenson.

    He was waiting at the U.N. on Khrushchev to explain why they had missiles in Cuba and he never got an answer.

    I strongly suspect if there is any proof, it would have surfaced by now. But the mud has been slung and Steyr has been hit and even if the Telegraph admits they were wrong now, the bad publicity bell cannot be unrung.

    I'm glad to see our new owner is already moving forward with new rifles and of course, with the promised new versions of pistols, in particular the large-frame in 10mm, .45 ACP and dare we dream, the Wulf 357 UltiMag?

    As loyal Steyroids, about all we can do with this BS with Iran smuggling sniper rifles into Iraq is just to wait patiently until hell freezes over and maybe one of these days the proof will emerge that will exonerate Steyr.

  3. I wouldn't be shocked if a few HS50s did find their way into Iraq from Iran in the same manner that P-90s from Saudi Arabia have found there way there or MP44s from Syria or the in the manner in which M-16s have found their way into the hands of folks in Hamas. A lot of rifles in third world companies go in the front door and are sold out the back by corrupt officials.

    The fact that the Daily Telegraph was claiming that hundreds of these rifles were confiscated sent off alarm bells to me since only 800 of them were ever purchased by Iran.

    More than likely the bulk if not all of the rifles were cloned from the original batch that Iran purchased from Steyr. Iran has already been cloning old HK91s and other foreign firearms they purchased long ago for some time now.

    However, some folks just want to burn Steyr at the stake for ever selling to Iran in the first place, but hey if isn't a Steyr .50 caliber that shoots at you it will be a Croatian or other 50 caliber rifle that will do it. The nature of war in the modern age is that there are more than enough firearms to go around.
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    Hey All!

    Has anyone seen this, maybe I just missed it before. Go to Steyr-Mannlicher and click the


  5. So why is that something Steyr feels it needs to point out?
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    Hiya minister* :)

    ...uh...cause its true? Check the Steyr-Mannlicher production figures and this should support the statement. <shrug> Just a thought.

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  8. I know it is true Wulf...what I am saying is why is it relevant to the discussion of arms in Iran?
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    Wow, all those asses making irrational comments from a "reliable single source" now can recant their comments and come back to the darkside of Steyr?
  10. MAN, this whole story sure went away fast.

    I haven't seen a single word on this from any other source outside the Daily Telegraph (DT) and the AP that ran with that DT article.

    They should print a retraction and apolgize to Steyr Mannlicher for going ahead with a story without being able to back it up.