Night sights on a P3AT? Impossible, you say?

Discussion in 'Other Handguns' started by Thunderbear, Nov 16, 2007.

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    Here's what some elbow grease, a creative idea and some Rustoleum'll get you:


    Now, the backstory.

    Bought this watch, on a whim, for a cheap tritium watch:


    The first one I got the face cracked, sent it back and got a second one. After a month, the tritium at 9:00 fell off after the second hand fell off, and was rolling around the housing. I dissected it and peeled another tritium bar off, and set them aside.

    I sanded the shit out of the slide, wire wheel, brush, and blew it out with compressed air. Windexed everything, then aired it out. Rustoleum textured outdoor paint in black. Let it dry, sanded the contact areas under the extractor and the breech face, blew it out with compressed air.

    Went upstairs, made dinner, and came back down with some tweezers to line up the tritium bars.

    The existing "sights" provide a perfect sheltered location for the tritium vials.


    P3AT on left, if you don't know.

    I filled the rear sight area with epoxy, then pushed the vial level, just beneath the sight cut. Smoothed the epoxy, and let it set. Fit the front vial in a drop of epoxy, working it around to get it perfectly centered and level. A bit more work than I thought it'd be... then I daubed some more epoxy over the vial, to protect it a bit.

    Finished product:



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    Hey, pretty fancy needlework there, Thunderbear!

    Want to do my PF-9? Just say the word and I'll load up and head down to the coast. I'm looking for an excuse to go anyway.

    Necessity is the mother of invention. I bet Kel-Tec would tell you it's impossible to do what you just did. You should drop them a line and offer to go into the night-sight business for them. :mrgreen:

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    Very good idea, my friend. I'm sure your idea will be copied for years to come...

    Any chance we can get a decent shot of them working in the dark?
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    now thats using the ol noodle :wink: