night shooting and flash

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  1. MrApathy

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    some night shots with SW9VE and Steyr M9
    non flash suppressed powder
    same load same bullet powder primer and case.
    MrA's secret voodoo whodo juju added
    shot inside the same brass catcher but you cant see it from the flash
    M9 going off with same powder as first two
    Steyr M40 with same powder

    not that anyone shoots at night much. the flash doesnt stay around for even 1 second or half a second.

    no idea what powders flash and what powders dont. possible one powder doesnt flash the same in different calibers.

    so far VihtaVouri Powders N340 has worked great for me in 9mm.
    PowerPistol supposedly gives one of the brightest flashes

    would like to test more but its a pita shooting in the dark in last two pics it was pitch black but the first two had moon light and could see very well. camera has no night vision. safety number 1 concern. I try to record it on video mode on my olympus camera. not the greatest but its what I have.

    a good sight that had information on ballistics got taken down

    the flash from what I have read is a reaction with oxygen.
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    Mr. A - The best SD ammo I've found for 9x19 in terms of flash is Speer Gold Dot 124 grain +P. I shot it in an IDPA night match (using up my old carry ammo) and there was a small, dark orange ball about the size of a tennis ball. This was out of my CZ-75B with a 4.7" barrel; might be more flash from a Steyr.

    A friend was shooting warm .38 Super loads with 231. He got a white ring of flame about a foot in diameter with each shot. :D

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    Nice pics............... :D
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    I CCW Speer Gold Dot +P in all my 9mm handguns! Low flash, reliable and excellent expansion!
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    A couple of years friend and I were shooting in an indoor range and I stood a couple lanes down from him..watching his flash...I don't know what powder was used...but it caused a huge flash in the 357 Sig ammo he was shooting. My friend didn't load the ammo, so we didn't know which powder. I was very surprised how bright it was in near dark conditions.
  6. MrApathy

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    357sig is renouned for that and being loud.

    havent heard of commercial ammo in 357sig having low flash.