Nicks on feed ramp

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    Anybody else notice two marks on either side of their feed -ramp? It appears the two edges of the slide ramps(the things that push down on the ammo) are striking the ramp on the front. They also put two pretty deep scratches on the top of the ammo cases. Should these be rounded or smoothed out? Is it just my gun? The nicks on the barrel feed ramp were there when I bought it new BTW.
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    It's the same on my feed ramp, was like that when new. I haven't noticed them getting any deeper, and I haven't experienced any feeding problems attributable to it, so I don't worry about them.

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    I would guess the slide doesn't contact the feed-ramp with ammo chambered. Does your gun also cut two marks on the ammo cases?
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    I could not beleive how much brass was in there after only 100 rounds or so.
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    I'm a new member and i shot 50 rounds through my s9 yerterday which was saturday july 24th and i noticed the same marks on my slide ,i dont think it is a big issue even though i like my guns to stay clean.My gun shot great with no james,i would say all in all the styer s9 is a well made gun and it would probably be my cary gun when i need one. :wink: