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Wow, can Steyr Mannlicher move any slower?

I love the Steyr MA1 and believe it to be probably the most high-tech and superior DAO handgun in the world today, but there just seems to be no desire to sell it. Heck, if Steyr did half the marketing of other campanies like S&W with their new M&P they'd be one of the top names in the handgun market.

They better light a fire under someone's butt and get this party started already. It seems like Steyr has a tradition of coming out with firearms far ahead of their time and then going into hybernation. The Steyr AUG was WAY ahead of its time and only now are we seeing firearms offer the same features...if Steyr had been better at marketing they may have made ten times the money they did off the AUG.


The engineers at Steyr are earning their keep; it is time for the business guys to earn theirs.
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