newest must have gun???...

Discussion in 'Anything Else' started by FlaChef, Jun 14, 2005.

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    Seems like a very nice pistol. That might be the only Beretta I would purchase.
    I like the idea of interchangeable back straps like the Walther.
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    i am interested in these

    I like the look and sound of reason being...i love a real damn hammer on my guns...

    I have my M9 and a hammers visible...but i still love them.....still...that Walther P22 caught my eye with its hammer (the safety issue on it bothers me a bit yet....) and boy i do love the feel of a CZ 75b....

    This new beretta...i like it....i want it.....can't justify it though.....

    so it is not a must have...just a dream about something like that...

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    There's a lot of question about when it will be available...probably not until the fall.

    My last purchase was a Beretta 92G (decocker-only police model) and I really like it. Pics are on my web site, here: I may even end up using it for the IPSC/IDPA class I'm taking. I've been a very "Weaver-esque" shooter and this class really emphasizes the isoceles stance. So I had to change my grip to the one the IDPASteyr taught in his tutorial. I took my Walther, Beretta and CZ to the range to see which one I shot the best and the Beretta drilled the center out of the target! (I don't have a holster for my Steyr yet...but don't worry, it will find it's way into competition in the near future!)

    I wanted a Beretta because that's what we're given to use on the ship. If I practice, maybe I can teach my sailors a thing or two about shooting!