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Discussion in 'New Member Check-In' started by Mark2cars, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Mark2cars

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    Long time gunner here looking to buy my first Steyr. Looking at a low serial number (006965) M9. Only other notations are
    GSI-T Ala. Gun is in good shape with three mags. I have always been a Glock guy and want to try a Steyr. A little worried about
    the low serial number. Any help appreciated. Thanks to All !!!!
  2. Okie67

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    Welcome to Steyrclub!

  3. ETH77

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    Welcome to the SteyrClub!

    The M9 is a great weapon. With the help of the tutorials here, if you have a problem, it'll be solved in no time. The vast majority of owners have no problems at all. Some of us have had, and thus the knowledge which is shared freely. After the mods, they run like a Swiss clock. I've run over 6000 rounds though a mod-ed weapon with 0 further failures. I was shooting an M40-A1, actually, two M40-A1s, one is my wife's.

    I must say that I sold my M40-A1 to acquire a competition weapon for USPSA, a cz75B .40 SA. There is a member here, ThaiBoxer, who competes quite successfully with his M, both in USPSA and IDPA so the M family is a competition quality weapon.
  4. jhb

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    Welcome to the club. Good advice above. All things can be fixed if you run into any issues. I migrated over from a first plastic pistol. Still like my my steyr c9 more.