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    Hi, I am relatively new here and have some observations on the Steyr M and S pistols. But first, I will give some background on my experience with Steyr pistols. I liked the look of the GB back in the early 90s when there were a good number of them floating around, but they were always $800 and up except for a beat up one in a pawn shop w/ only one mag. Fast forward to around 2003 at the local range in Houston and a guy and I start talking and he is shooting an M40 for the first time. He let me shoot it and compared to the two Glock 23s that I had bought and sold because they barked too much, this thing was really controllable. I was hooked on 1911s and for range purposes, they kick ass, so I dismissed the diminutive plastic pistol from my mind.

    Well, I saw a post for an S9 with box, papers, and two S9 mags on Glocktalk a few weeks ago for $300 and the memory of that M40 came back and it was a done deal - first pistol I had bought in a year so I was jonesin' anyway. As soon as I had it in hand, I realized that it was time to get this party started and that I should jump on the $350 M40-A1 from CDNN. Well, that, my friends is the best plastic pistol I have ever had the pleasure of holding - haven't shot it yet, but I can tell I am going to "bond." It also makes me realize that I am asking for trouble if I continue carrying my Valtro 1911 with about a 2.75 lb trigger pull. When shooting the 1911 after the S9 the other day, I didn't even get the pistol fully on target before I fired a shot. I can only imagine if I pull it with a full load of adrenaline in my veins in an emergency. I think the S9 or M9 are safer for defense purposes for that reason.

    A couple of observations about the Steyrs though that you guys may already be familiar:

    1. In dry fire practice with the M9, I find that if I use almost the tip of my finger and hold as low on the trigger as I can, the greater leverage I get makes the trigger feel a little lighter. If I place my finger further up the trigger face, it takes more pressure to break due to the decreased leverage. When my finger is lower on the trigger, the trigger safety gets hung a little before it disengages. I will have to experiment with it at the range.
    2. I am spoiled on nightsites. We need some trap nightsites.
    3. I think I will have to try the tool grip or the bike tire innertube.

    Looking forward to shooting the M40-A1.
    Thanks for all the good info here guys.
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    You'll get the hang of the trigger i with time. For a polymer gun, it is quite good - one of the main selling points, in fact. It will smooth up with time, though I haven't ever felt one that was "bad" (I'm sure they do exist). Regarding the night sights, check out PT - they don't have traps, but you can have your pick of just about any other configuration. I really like my plain jane three dot blue/green/blue. Wulf is the man to talk to about trap night sights (he has something in the works), but to date, it's still in the "early development" stages. I'm sure we'll all know about it the moment he has a finished product - he's a real stand up guy. Concerning the grip, the hogue tool grip is definitely the way to go. If you find the grip gets too slick in the middle of a range session, let me know - I can get one to you, or I can refer you to Hogue's page to order.

    Be sure to let us know how it goes when you finally get to throw some lead downrange!

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    Welcome to the club, your gonna love it here.

    BTW, what part of town are you in ? There are at least 5 Steyr owners that I know of. maybe we can all get together and have a range day.

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    Re: the 2.75 lb. trigger - ditch it as an accident (and associated liability) waiting to happen.
    Run a goodly amount (400-500 rounds) thru the Steyr and make it your carry gun.
    Good luck.