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Newbie On The Forum, Not A Newbie to Steyr

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Hello all, or Hi Y'all, whichever you prefer. I've killed my three bucks for the year, wife has Covid so not going to church today (we go together, so we will watch together online later), it's a Sunday and I'm bored. I found this forum looking for reviews on Steyrs and came across this website. I thought I would join and see what y'all have going on here.

I've owned a Steyr pro hunter SBS in 300 Win Mag since 2001 or 02, somewhere in there, topped with a Zeiss Diavari 3x12x56T. A lot of people have no idea what they are looking at when they see my gun, a Buck Rogers gun I guess, but they know what the gun and I can accomplish on game. It isn't much for 5 shot groups when enjoying friendly competition, but, it is deadly with one shot to count in competition or on game.

Looking forward to learning something new.
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