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Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Dobry, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Dobry

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    Hey all,

    I'm new here, and hoping for some advice or reassurance. I'm purchasing my first defensive/CCW pistol, and leaning heavily toward the M9-A1. I've read everything on the internet I could get my hands on, and the more I've read the more it feels like the M9 is absolutely the correct choice.

    The problem is this... I'm only used to firing Glock 17/19's and SIGS (besides Ruger M3's)... and the local armourer/range is hugely a Glock dealer. Most of the guys at the range are Glock fanatics.

    I've never fired the M9-A1, but the more I read, the more I feel it's exactly what I want. There are no gunshops though anywhere near that carry it, so there's nowhere to see or try one.

    Called CDNN today, and the rep said they could sell one thru my local gunshop, so I went and spoke with the local shop guys. And they all said the Steyr pistols were junk, when compared to a Glock. And again it was "Glock" sales time! A Glock 26 is on the shop's current sales menu (which I've been told countless painful times that it is THE CCW weapon of choice... but honestly I don't like the balance or feel of it. Don't enjoy shooting it at all).

    I'm willing to take the leap, and the chance, and order a Steyr. For several reasons... not least of which is ease of field stripping. But I really sense that this is the pistol for me. And I really like the idea of trapezoidal sights... they make perfect sense to me.

    Just looking for some reassurance from Steyr users that have also fired Glocks, because it seems that the guys at the range think I must be a total idiot, and that I must know nothing about handguns, for considering a Steyr over a Glock. But no one I've spoken with has actually fired a Steyr, so... :?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. RiceCakes

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    Tell us where you live, and we'll take you shooting. You decide.

  3. xjrat

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    GET IT! I to had never shot one before I bought my M40-A1 this too is
    my first handgun though I have shot for years and have fired more then a
    few glocks. When it came time last year to get a home defense gun I was looking
    at glocks and just about everything else and hadn't even heard of Steyr until I was
    on glocktalk and some one was talking smack about it so I had to check it out. When I
    saw it I was HOOKED I thought it was great looking, sights were innovative and the price was
    great compared to the glock or others. I went to a gun show and saw one and went home to
    talk to the wife and got the OK and have only one regret since, that I don't get enough
    time or money to shoot the 40 s&w. I almost got the 9mm but since it was going to be
    my only handgun for a while I wanted that extra punch! I have only had a few small problems
    with Failure to Battery but that is mostly due to having to only use RANGE RELOAD ammo which
    sucks. I have only had a chance to use 50 rounds of new ammo and about 550 rounds of range stuff
    and in all that only 4 or 5 problems with ONLY range stuff...
    I too had some people who slammed Steyr and said they were some "off brand" from a little known
    company, the quality sucked and that "you SHOULD buy a Glock because Glock's are PERFECT and
    will never let you down and EVERYONE has one" so I decided not to just blindly follow the crowd.
    Just my 2 cents but I don't think you will be unhappy with Steyr. The feel, trigger, balance, sights and
    quality much better then most glocks I have shot...

    p.s. where do you live? if any where close to any steyr club members I am sure they wouldn't mind letting
    you shoot a few...

  4. madecov

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    Of course Glock is the greatest gun ever made :roll: After all Gaston is just one step lower than God and just above the Pope. :?

    The Steyr is really a very fine weapon, it was designed by the same folks who designed the Glock but they went a few steps further to make a gun that points better, has a better trigger, fits just about anyone's hands. It's also more modular in construction.

    At $350.00 you can't go wrong. Find a local Pawn shop or do an FFL search on gunbroker and find an FFL who isn't so opinionated.
  5. Syntax360

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    Also check the Frappr map on the homepage - we have members all over the place who might be willing to head to a range with you. If you were here in the DFW area, I'd be happy to let you try out mine.

    FWIW, I encountered the same thing when I tried to buy my first Steyr. The guy at the gunshop literally wouldn't sell me the M9 they had behind the counter because he insisted that there is nothing better than glock. I left disgusted, but luckily I picked up a M9A1 later and I'm glad I went for the later model.
  6. majette

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    i have had glocks, sigs, a high power, custom 1911, performance center custom .40, etc. i was going to buy another glock, a 19, when my buddy and guys at a local gun shop talked me into trying the steyr. i had looked at it a while ago and thought i would pick one up eventually. in my opinion NOTHING i have fired comes close to the feel of the steyr. combination of low recoil, accuracy, and constantly better feeling trigger makes it the best pistol i have owned. i took a co-worker to the range who had never fired a pistol before. we rented a glock 19 for him to shoot, and he liked the glock because it was easier for him to operate the slide but he liked shooting the steyr better. it does weigh more than the glock due to the massive slide but you'll get used to it. i bought a hk p7 last saturday and shot it and the steyr sunday. i had fired the p7 before and always wanted one. the p7 is regarded as one of the best handguns ever made and firing the two side by side i could not believe how much more i preferred the steyr. i did have to send it back to SAI when i first got it for issue with a missing spring. the people there are A+, repair was done and it was back in my hands in a few days! since then i have fired 500 rounds of various ammo with no problems whatsoever. one of my friends who works at the range shot it and the p7 sunday. he was impressed, saying it would take some getting used to because it was too smooth! just buy one, you'll see.
  7. Dobry

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    Thanks guys for the replies!

    I live in the metro Kansas City area. Don't have a clue whether there are Steyr club members anywhere around here, but I'd welcome getting in contact with them.

    My use is primarily target, and then defensive pistol... my fiance is very uncomfortable around handguns, although she's indicated that in Krazy Kansas City, that yes, handguns could often be most reassuring and protective.

    I'm going with Steyr, instead of Glock. Partly because I know I'd be kicking myself with every shot of the Glock, wondering why I didn't go with my instincts, and my instincts are pretty strong on this.

    And partly because I tend to side with the 'underdog' anyway. Helps motivate me that much more. :wink:

    Thanks Xjrat for reminding me that it's O.K. to go against the crowd... that's what I needed. And Madecov and Syntax for suggesting another FFL. I'll get weird looks at the range I'm sure... but I'll be happier. :D

    There's a gunshow nearby this weekend in Topeka, so I'll see if I can locate one. Otherwise I'll order it.
  8. RiceCakes

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    Anyone that trashes Steyr as little known startup company is talking out of their ass. The Aug and the Scout are both very well known, and proven. The M40 is quickly doing the same thing with foriegn agencies. Steyr USA is also smaller, and you can chat on the phone with the head honcho for USA. And they stand by their weapons 150%. Accuracy is also better than glocks. I also went with the 40 for the extra power, my g/f isnt a shooter and shoots it just fine. In fact I had to steal it back from her. I would only go with the 9 for (not much) cheaper ammo and higher mag capacity. YMMV.
  9. bigtaco

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    yeah really, what ricecakes said. steyr is a town in austria, and they started making firearms right after bessemer started blowing oxygen into steel. steyr has been around since long before henry ford's days.

    bubits worked for glock and took this great design to them and said something like, "this is the great new design that glock should adopt and this is the direction that glock should take." but glock wasn't about to change.

    steyr built it and it's great.

    but it's tough to go against goliath.

    buy the steyr. you'll love it. people at the range might talk smack, until you out-shoot them. then, they'll have to try it themselves and probably be pleasantly surprised.

    my one buddy has dozens of handguns. he's always got a new one he's throroughly enamored with. a px4 or an m+p... but the steyr is ALWAYS in his range bag. cause it works, it points well, it shoots unbelievably flat, and the accuracy (once used to the sights) is unparalleled in the defensive handgun market.
  10. RiceCakes

    RiceCakes Guest

    Hahaha I was bleeped. We're all handgun owners, hence 21, but saved from profanity :wink:

    Thanks for the backup BT. I even have a friend with a custom Kimber Gold Combat, guess what he CCWs? Steyr M40. I think I actually like the original a little more; I just fondled one of the new ones at my local gander mountain. Seems the front end is thicker and the angle has been reduced. Not to mention the safety is gone. If you want that safety OP shop around for an original. IDK, but the thought of that safety when one is in the pipe gives me a warm fuzzy. Even though its in Kydex, protected, etc...yes I practice flipping it everytime out.
  11. Dobry

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    Thanks again, guys, very much!

    I made my decision, and I went with the M9. Called CDNN, and my new pistol is on it's way! :D

    The owner of the shop/range actually was excited for me, as I don't think many Steyrs' have come thru there. Maybe I'll get the shop guys interested. :wink:

    Should be in next Tuesday, and I'll give a report.
  12. Seven

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    Good for you!


    Glad you made the decision - if you find you don't care for it, it won't be hard to find a home for it. Drop me a PM and I'll take it (I'm in Columbia MO). It really is a preference thing, but I find I tend to like high-quality, somewhat 'oddball' guns...and my S9 is right up there near the top of the list! I find that most folks who shoot it like it so much better than the Glocks, but hey, that's just anecdotal.

    Anyway, welcome, and good luck when your M9A-1 arrives!!!
  13. Dobry

    Dobry Guest

    Re: Good for you!

    Thanks Seven!

    Haha! You're in Columbia?! That's my hometown! I miss Shakespeare's Pizza, greasy-cheeseburgers-and-pool from Booches, and zip-burgers from Mugs-Up. I grew up in Columbia, graduated from UMC, worked there for quite a few years, and then moved on. Good to get to know someone from my old stomping grounds. :D

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    Congrats and good move. I have CCWed the Glock 17L and 19 primarily; and also the 26 and 21. They are reliable but very crude feeling compared to Steyr; especially the trigger and grip. I now CCW the M9 and have not looked back.
  15. nuj

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    mabuhay- welcome

    hi there dorby,
    welcome to the wonderful world of steyr, all our friends here are correct. it's a nice gun, not only in form but in function. but always remember , " no amount of safety in the world will help if the one between the ears isn't used correctly". takecare and enjoy your new toy :D
  16. brolin_1911a1

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    Dobry, you'll be glad you made the choice you did. My son bought a Steyr M9 back in 2002 while he was between the Marine Corp and the Army. I got to shoot it and liked it so much that last April, when I saw a Steyr S9 in a local pawn shop, I traded my Glock 22 and $20 difference for the Steyr and felt lucky to get it.

    My son and I used to TRY to cause his M9 to jam with no luck. While shooting with some of the local SERT he learned that their Glocks would jam if fired upside down. Not so for the Steyr. And the sights are the most instinctively aligning sights I've ever seen. As others have said, the Steyr engineers took the Glock design, kept the good parts and improved on the rest. Once you get it, the Glock users will be green with envy.

    Oh yeah, I'm down in West Plains, MO. If you're ever headed down here, send me a message and maybe we can get together out at the White Ranch State Forest range for some shooting practice. The DNR has a nice range there, 50yd. handgun and 100yd rifle with three concrete shooting benches on each.
  17. Netfotoj

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    Re: Good for you!

    Hey Mizzou guys! Small world. I graduated at Mizzou J School back in the dark ages of 1975 and never been back since I went home to NC. If I ever get back out, I'll have to look you both up and go Steyr shooting. :mrgreen:
  18. posterboy7

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    I have fired my Glock 23 upside down at least twice with no problems. Granted, two or three times is hardly a large enough sample group.