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    Popped in to introduce myself after spending endless hours perusing this forum, whose members were ultimately, responsible for me choosing as my CCW and nightstand go-to, the S9-A1. I wanted a subcompact and it came down to the Steyr or a Sig P238. Obviously I went with the former but something tells me, being a retired Navy sharpshooter (missed Expert close enough that after two decades, it still grates me), I'll probably still end up buying a P238 just because its baby 1911-vibe appeals to this old 'Salt :)
    Just wanted to say thanks to all the club members who contribute here. I wouldn't presume to speak for all future Steyr owners but all the experience and opinions included at steyrclub certainly provide a wealth of useful information for prospective Steyr owners so your input has far-reaching positives beyond the camaraderie of forum conversation.
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    Welcome sir. I think you made a very wise choice. The 238 Sig has not lived up to the rest of the Sig lineup as far as reliability. I purchased a S9A1 a couple of months back too. The gun feels like it was made out of one solid piece. Mine(as others) has had it share of break in hiccups but after about 300-500 rounds it smoothed out pretty good. It will fling empty brass on your head occasionally but that too has lessened. I own a number of different brand polymer handguns and the Steyr is still my favorite. I like the sights, the ergonomics, the fit&finish above the others. I was in my LGS today buying another pistol and every dude behind the counters(6 of them)was slobbering over my S9-A1. Thanks for your naval service. I lost my dad a few months ago. When the Japs hit Pearl he was too young to legally inlist and his mom & dad was not about to sign him in. Dad found the town drunk and gave him a 1/2 pint of liquer to pretend to be his dad and signed him in. He was in the S. Pacific on his 17th B'day. Dad was never the same after 13yrs in the Navy. Some things changed for the good; some for the worse but he did instil much in me that I am thankful for. Boy, I miss him.

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    Welcome to the club.

    I got 2 of the p238. One is reliable as all out. The other finally runs after a couple trips back.

    I think picking the s9 over a .380 auto sig was a good choice...unless you were talking the p938 9mm?

    Anyways hard to compare as they aren't in the same class. All in all you made te better choice, imho. Enjoy 'er at the range.
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    Welcome to Steyrclub!
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    Welcome to the SteyrClub! Thank you for your service!
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    Howdy from Daytona Beach.