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Hey, I just picked up an M9 about 3 hours ago. Going to go shoot it this sunday morning with some friends. Feels like a really solid gun, and at 300 bucks, I think its a great value.

I do have a few questions (that Im sure get asked over and over - sorry). Where should I look for a light mount and some high cap mags? Any places online that are good?

Sorry, not only am I new to Steyr, but Im new to guns in general (other than my .22 lol)

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Right on, thanks! I will do so, although I dont know how valuable itll be. the only other handguns I've fired are a P85 and a Glock 17, and I only put about 50 rounds through each of those.
Fantastic, thanks everyone!
LOL, I can take a lil hazing;)

Now, Ill get my flamesuit on, and ask what exatcly consists of a range report. Like I said, Im a complete newb to this. All I know is I like shooting.

I did get a holster from my local store today, its an uncle mikes. Fits decent. It was cheap and I was just looking for something to keep it in while it resides in my center console (legal where I live). :thumbup:
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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