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    Convert from Glocktalk where I was Newbie MN. I'm probably still technically a newbie (when exactly does that no longer apply anyway :wink: ) and certainly am to Steyrs with only 4-5 weeks with the thing, but hey a name change felt right.

    So a big hello to you all :D

    Steyr-wise I have only the S9. I tend to keep to 9s and .45s in range/HD guns and the M9 doesn't seem different enough to warrant buying even at the amazing discounts they offer for them right now. I'll probably regret that later but at least the M9A1s will be around if I do.

    Other guns are a Glock 19, a SW 1911PD, a SW686 which I am currently selling by the way - can't bond with revolvers - and a KelTec p3AT on the way as we speak.

    I should probably explain the name - I'm really only a liberal in comparison to most of the political persuasions posted on firearms-based message boards. In reality I make my mind up on the issue not on which party holds what opinion. This makes me pretty much reviled by all partisans as the lefties are upset because I hate unions and support the death penalty and, of course, private gun ownership in most ways, and the righties are PO'd that I don't support the religious agenda and believe taxes are not always bad things. So if I annoy you on a political issue just wait - I'm sure there's another political argument coming along shortly where we'll agree. And of course we already agree on choice of Austrian firearms so what the hey we can be nice I'm sure :)
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    Sorry, I have already claimed Resident Liberal status on this board, haha. Sounds like you and I would get along fine, and I'm not sure if it's a Steyr thing but my liberalness wasn't met with any hostility, so I think you're pretty safe.

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    Yeah but no insult intended you're in Oklahoma - where liberal means going to a slightly less fundamentalist than normal Baptist church that understands Landover is satire and why :twisted:

    I live in MN - where I am often accused of being a fascist because I occasionally vote against public school property tax levies.

    But hey thanks much :D
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    ahh... who gives a carp!
    I'm a registered independant, Geoge Washington said the two party system will destroy this country!
    I voted neither last Nov. (hated both equally).

    enough politics, what else do you shoot?
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    Good point Flachef - and I'm no lapdog for either party myself.

    So back to guns - I find my shooting time is perhaps 40% 1911 30% Steyr S9, 25% Glock 19 and 5% the 686 revolver. That's because (not why -- trust me!) I shoot them best in about that order too.

    I am contemplating making either the S9 or the G19 a purely range/target gun for the far-away day when I am good enough to consider IDPA matches without embarrassing myself. My immediate inclination would be the G19 as it has plenty of gizmos with a known history and utility such as the 3.5lb trigger jobs and so on.

    However that would leave me only the 1911 and the S9 for winter carry - which being in MN is 8 months of the year. The 1911 is a bit large and also a bit fragile in finish for my taste and the S9 I have yet to find a really good carry holster for. Yes I know I could carry a Glock with a 3.5lb trigger job and overtravel mod but really would you take that risk?

    So, and given that I shoot the S9 a bit better and much prefer the sights, I may eventually consider modifying that a bit for target and competition. Wonder what anybody's done to one of these?

    Of course this is all moot for quite some time - I have much work to do before that is a real need for me - interesting though it sounds.
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    I get the impression that Steyr owners are smarter than the average bear. In the short time I've been involved here and on GT I haven't seen the all-to-common degeneration into flaming posts because of idealogical/theological/political differences so typical of "gun enthusiasts" forums. So hopefully that trend will continue here.

    Regarding the "far away day" of competing in IDPA, I encourage you to start tomorrow! Legends like Rob Leatham and Todd Jarrett were novices at one point and what you get out of training properly in a match can be indispensable in a real-life defensive-shooting situation, IMHO. Drawing and firing from a holster, shooting while moving, shooting from cover, etc. are some typical techniques you should encounter at any IDPA match that have been proven to be critical skills necesary to survive a deadly-force encounter. Add the stress of the ticking clock, competition and the knowledge that everyone in your squad is watching your every move and I think you're a few steps closer to the stress of a real-life "incident".

    Regarding being "embarassed" by not being "good enough", I've found IDPA matches to be like this forum, with people being way more helpful than criticizing of a newbie IDPA shooter. I was new to IDPA just 2 months ago and when I asked questions about procedures, techniques, etc. it was usually an overflow of helpful answers and suggestions.

    I may get flamed on this one, but I'm starting to form the radical opinion that to qualify for a CCW people should be required to shoot typical IDPA courses with some modicum of proficiency. If you're legally carrying a gun next to my family and something causes you to draw your weapon, I would like the comfort in knowing that you have some practice and proficiency in being able to draw a charged pistol without an AD. This most basic tactical skill and many others are practiced in every IDPA match.

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    agree 100% on every point above.
    I've owned and shot firearms only since last July and started IDPA in March when I was no longer in school/work 16+ hrs a day. I would've started as early as Nov if time and lack of hurricanes had permitted.

    You will be so nervous during your first stage you won't know if you even hit anything, but you will learn to draw fire, reload, show clear, and reholster w/out putting any holes in anything your not supposed to. From the three clubs I've had contact w/ every RO has been thouroughly helpful to me and my wife, and a little abrupt w/ those who shrug off warnings on safety protocols.
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    umm ... not that I could afford one but how much is the 686? Sorry but I can't let any "for sale" items be announced without a price attached. :lol: :p
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    Yikes, I will leave this one alone because I had a "lively debate" on this issue with a couple folks on another forum. Thus, I will just state that "I don't agree". :wink:
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    Give the match a try. IF IDPA is half as fun as IPSC then you will have a real blast.

    GunTotinLiberal welcom to Steyr Club!! We are more concerned with our guns and less concerned with politics here, at least so far.
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    I'm all for reasonable debate and would love to know the alternative opinion. Can you please provide a link to that other forum thread so I can observe the fireworks?


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    Ok, I have not gone back to re-read my post so I want to apologize if I come across as "condescending". I really try not to be but sometimes it sounds like it. However, I promptly PM'd folks to make sure that they knew that this was not my intent.

    OK, qualifications aside ... below is the thread. I am linking directly to the page where I start the debate (scroll down towards the bottom) as the thread was originally about something else (weird topic). Thread was hi-jacked so I took the blame and apologized. Enough already, here goes ...

    http://www.thehighroad.org/showthread.p ... ge=5&pp=25
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    ... oh and I was initially responding to posts made by Brian41 and The Rabbi (I know, I know ... never argue with a holy man). :p
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    KONY - no need for any apology, it's not even close to being a problem for me. I didn't mean to sound so "podium pounding" in my original post. I truly love to hear other people's opinions, especially if they are different from my own. That's what makes our nation and people great - checks and balances.

    I'm the first to admit that I don't have all the (right) answers :), that why I prefaced it with the word "opinion". You know the saying - everyone's got one, and they all stink!

    Thanks for the link, I'm getting the popcorn now...

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    You weren't like that at all so no worries.

    Enjoy! Let me know what you think. I can take it! :lol:
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    Aww, that wasn't so bad! Good points on both side. I definitely see your side, i.e. that any step forward in legislation is momentum that we may never recover from.

    I cherish my gun rights too, but at the same time I believe there are some people that are incapable of handling a gun safely enough to carry it around others. I keep going back to the saying of "your rights end where others' begin", and IMHO that is someone who cannot safely carry a weapon in public.

    I like the driver's license analogy, you have to demonstrate proficiency at that before getting one (I know that driving is a PRIVILEGE and not a RIGHT). I think the spirit of a driver's license is that a car can be a deadly weapon, and a handgun would be a ???? Quite a conundrum IMO.

    Anyway - major hijack thread on my part - so my (very) bad. Welcome again to Guntotinliberal - who would have thought your presence could spark such enthusiastic responses! :lol:

    Kony, let's move this to the pub or another appropriate place.

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    Agreed! I will re-post this thread in an appropriate section.
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    Just an FYI for everyone. If a thread is hijacked or goes way off topic as they sometimes do. Just ask a mod to split the thread for you. That's how the Miata thread came about and it's not hard to do. All the off topic posts will be moved to the new thread and into the appropriate forum.

    That is all.
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    Thanks for the reminder, Pax. I should've thought of that. :oops:
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    gotta love civil discussion

    We've all got guns...we better find a way to get along....lol...

    seriously, i love the fact that we can all just get along without too many feathers getting ruffled. nice to see.....must be a low caffiene group...lol