New user, used M9, and DAO question

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by beatnik, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. beatnik

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    Hi all, just got a used M9 FTF yesterday and took it to the range.
    I didn't get to shoot one beforehand and I was really hesitant to make the leap, but after about 150 rounds I'm sold. Every round went into the black with little effort, and I was able to empty 10 rounds all inside a bottle target at 10yd in about 3 seconds. And I'm a rifle guy.

    I have a question about the DAO though. This is the original M9, not the A1.

    All the DAO's I've shot allow you to pull the trigger at any point to dry fire, as long as the safety's off. This Steyr requires that I pull back the slide to cock it. It acts just like a single action, except there's no hammer.

    DA/SA's usually also have a decocker, none on this pistol.

    Also, all the DAO's I've shot have a long trigger pull, like a revolver. This trigger pull is more like a 1911 to me - it moves while you pull the trigger safety, then it's nice and crisp as opposed to a long smooth action.

    Am I missing something? 'Cause this seems an awful lot like a single action pistol to me. Is it broken? What gives?

  2. beatnik

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    profanity filter

    Uh, in case you haven't figured it out, the profanity filter is wiping out the alternate word for "rooster" which is not always a metaphor for male genitalia, particularly on a gun forum.....

  3. MrApathy

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    yeah the profanity filter here is pretty tough.

    the trigger action is more of a safe action like glock
    striker is set onto the sear. slide can be short racked to set the striker for a restrike and its also possible to decock the striker but is not recommended.

    safe action is a trademark of glock so other companies call it dao.
    are distinctions from single action. single action trigger does one thing release hammer or sear.

    steyr sets the sear slightly cocking the striker to full power also has a trigger safety which is disabled.
  4. Shooter

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    Closest thing to single action you'll probably find though.........enjoy it 8)
  5. Gray_Wolf

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    Steyr doesn't have a restrike capability like the DA/SA pistols have. Most DAO guns gon't...

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    Sure does feel like a single action.
    Plus you get lots of slide racking practice when you dry fire. 8)
    Have fun.
  7. ScottW

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    Hi, welcome to the club, and glad you liked your new-to-you M9.

    The M9 (and the A1 series, same internals) is like a Glock in that it's striker fired and has a "reset action" or "safe action" trigger, which is different than what you're used to with a traditional DAO pistol. When you rack the slide on a Steyr, the action is pre-(roostered) :wink: to 72%, and when you pull the trigger, you move it the other 28% before firing. So technically, it may be double-action in the sense that the trigger both (roosters) and releases the striker, but it cannot fire without racking the slide to pre-(rooster) it so it's not like a traditional DAO in that sense.

    Pull on a Steyr is nice and crisp, much more so than a Glock IMO. I unscientifically measured (fish scale) my M9's trigger pull and it was lighter than the true single action pull on my Makarov, by about a pound. Mind you, not nearly as light as a worked over 1911, but for what the M9 is, the trigger is darn good. 8)
  8. beatnik

    beatnik Guest

    I actually like the "single action" better than the DA/SA - in my P38 I have yet to de(rooster) it and use the DA, so it really makes no difference to me, was just wondering.

    Looking forward to many years of shooting it. Thanks for all the replies, and thanks for all the "fowl" language!
  9. bigtaco

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    shameless plug

    check out the tutorials section under articles.

    you'll see "how it works"

    i feel it's a pretty accurate description of operation.