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New to the club with my M9, some ?'s

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Hello everyone! I'm new to the club and all I can say is, I wish I had joined earlier. There is so much great info here that would have definitely helped me to avoid some interesting experiences and problems with my M9. The Steyr M9 was my very first pistol. I'm the type of person that likes to surf the net and get all the info I can on something before I buy. Especially when it is as expensive as a handgun. Almost everything I read made me believe that the M9 was the way to go. I bought mine from CDNN for $280 plus shipping and FFL transfer. Nobody could even come close to beating that. When I received it and held it in my hand, it felt like it was made for me. Not bad considering I'd never held one and didn't know whether I'd like it or not. Of course I had the normal growing pains with my M9; the brass being ejected onto my head, some FTE's, and I've even had it go full auto on me once for 2 shots. That was interesting. I attribute many of my beginning problems to break in and improper maintenance. Once I learned how to clean and lube correctly, I haven't had any problems. I've used it in an IPSC match and a steel challenge recently and it performed well.

As for my setup. I have a Bianchi accumold holster that fits great. I don't remember what size, but if anybody would like to know I'll find out. I have five 10 round mags and one 14 round. All of which I ordered from CDNN. I recently put a hogue grip on it which really makes it feel rock solid in my hands. I'm wanting to do some more customization and this site has definitely given me several options.

I do have some questions that maybe some can answer. I imagine they have already been answered somewhere in the forum, but I haven't been able to read all the posts yet. I've seen that the mag for the M9-A1 is advertised as a 15 rounder. I was wondering if that is actually what it holds, or are they including what could be carried in the chamber. Also, do these new ones fit the older M series pistols? I saw them for sale at on point firearms for around $20, which is cheaper that CDNN's 14 round mags for $29.99. If they are compatible, I'll be getting a couple. Well that is all for now.

My collection: Steyr M9, CZ 75B, Kimber BP10, plus many more on my wish list.
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The gun is 15 rounds
14 in the mag and one in the chamber.
I have handled probably around 100 factory magazines and all have been 14 rounds.
I have four mags right here that hold 15 rounds and then I keep one in the chamber to = 16 rounds. Weird?
Ah Ha your right.
I just checked and it is a 15 round magazine. One side is marked up to 14 rounds, the other has up to 15.
I only checked one side of the magazine.

I don't own a 9mm Steyr, but 2 40 cal models.

I stock magazines though.
The funny thing is I have 4 mags total - 2 have holes and are stamped for 15 rounds, and the other two only have 14 holes and are only stamped to 14. However, they all hold 15 rounds. In fact, I just receivedthe two 14 round marked mags that actually hold 15 rounds from Steyr Arms. Odd, but I don't care as long as they are all 15 round capacity.
Yup, those M-series mags will fit the MA1-series so no problems there.

I'm glad you found this site and like you I always do a lot of research on any firearm before I lay my good money down. The "Tutorials & Information" section are the best and you'll find the right kind of advice on ammunition selection throughout this site.

A lot of custom barrels from IGB have been added to members' pistols, adapter rails for the M-series, tactical lights, suppressors, custom spring jobs, custom mags, name it someone on this site has probably done it. Not that every word on a website like this is pure gold, but chances are if more than one member gives the same advice you can pretty much take it to the bank.

Good Luck with your pistol and keep us all up-to-date on your custom additions and shooting experiences. :D
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original M series 9mm held 14 rounds, but you could w/ difficulty stuff a 15th into it, but it would not chamber reliably it was so stiff.
I have two of these (they were from on-point and were listed a 9mm 14 rnd A1 mags.

Newer 9mm A1's, somehow they got the 15th round to fit in right (no one has compared them side by side to see if there is 1 less coil on the spring or the follower is a tad shorter). They are now labeled up to 15, but are still interchangeable w/ original M's.
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