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Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by ant, Jan 20, 2007.

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    I am new to Steyr handguns and new to Steyer club, but I think I will like both. I did my research and decided to purchase a Steyr M9. I have several 9mm handguns and decided to add a Steyr. The selling points for me were the "feel" of the weapon in my hand, the reputation of Steyr, the safety features of the M 9, and the "need" for something different. However, there seems to be a lack of current information concering the M9. The M 9 that I eventually purchased has no "maunual safety" and came with (2) 15 round magazines. I expected a manual safety inside and to the top of the trigger guard and (2) 10 round magazines. The manual I recieved with the weapon descibes the safety that I do not have and lists (2) 10 round magazines as included. I am certainly not disappointed with my purchase, but I was expecting something different before I decided to buy the package. Comments? Thank you, in advance.
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    I too was new, but along comes the "gettin-to-know-your pistol", also comes a lot of really big smiles. As for documentation, well the factory lacks alittle. No, actually a lot. There are a few issues that I have found discomforting about the M40-A1, but I have found easy relief. The magazine eject button, too short. To solve it, I purchased a small mag eject button (third party) and installed it. The sites were great with the whole trapazoid layout, but hard to focus in practical shooting ( ) but installed fiber optics afterward. You'll have to look around and ask a few questions. These guys and gals are truly helpful. I hear they except cash donations to the club and to the members so give often whether small or large. A H*ll of a lot cheaper than some online tech from another country you don't understand. If you need some help, send me a message and I'll try to get back soon. I am building a link on my website, how to modify your Steyr. Take Care, Aaron (aka, midtnshooter)

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    You bought a new gun and did not relize it did not have a manual safety? Well it has 3 very good safeties,read your manual.The most important safety is training and #-o to keep your finger off the trigger.30 rounds are better then 20.
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    welcome to the club. yeah MA1's dont have the manual safety number of people were disapointed. train hard follow the rules of firearm safety. if a new shooter leave the chamber empty when you would use the safety is good thing to practice.

    for issue with magazine catch being short would drill and tap the button and add an extension. easiest to do.

    believe some 6-8 packages available for steyrs half have normal capacity magazines the other diminished ban capacity.
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    Welcome to the Club, ant :)

    Be safe and have fun :!:


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    Most A1s appear to not have the safety. My old M9 does have it and I like it.
    Best of luck.