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Tomorrow I am going to look at some Steyr pistols. I have been shooting a long time and shot about every pistol there is, owned a bunch, sold a bunch along the way. Issued my first 1911 in 1964, starting shooting USPA when it was in its infancy, have shot IDPA for many years and been to a bunch of shooting schools. I shot a Steyr pistol once at my local range a few years ago and was impressed. Now I am thinking about buying one. So I have a few newbie questions and would appreciate some answers.
1. How hard is it to get magazines for a Steyr pistol and where is the best place to do so?
2. How hard is to get holsters and where is the best place to do so?
3. Will the pistol handle Tula or Wolf ( steel case ammo) - I ask because some polymers eat like it is gourmet ammo and some manufacturers ( HK) recommend not using it. I saw the torture testing of the Steyr pistol and it looks like a real tough customer.
4. How is the bore axis and muzzle flip on this pistol ( it is pronounced on my PPQs and P 99)?. I am curious as to felt recoil also.
5. Any shooting impressions you are willing to share will be appreciated
Sorry to have so many questions but any help will be appreciated and thanks!

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Welcome !
1. pretty easy online, not at all easy in person. gun crunch hurt everything but mags were able to be found. Easiest places was big daddy unlimited (37), steyr USA themselves(40) , andv1 tactical (39.50).

2 kinda hard. You can always go custom but for ready to ship options that are quality it’s Double click holsters USA or black trident Austria. Iam dropping mine off this month at we plead the 2nd so they can make one off mine while it’s there if your interested.

3 I’ve shot steel without issue but not a lot. Still running through a barrel of brass cased right now. But I did check to see with two mags.

4 it’s pretty light, one of the benefits. L9 is the best and as you go down it’s more noticeable but it’s a light shooter. Typically I shoot 147 through it.

5 if you are use to shooting your 1911 you willfind you aim high until you get use to it.Swapping the grip modules on the a2 is pretty easy. When I did it I left the pin out since the back strap holds it in place while I swapped until I found the large side grips and medium back grip to be my favorite.Trap sights are a thing of beauty to me, impact is at the tip of the triangle and hits well. Trigger is awesome but there isn’t a noticeable tactile or audible reset. If it’s a A1 check ejection pattern and wear glasses as the A1 have a habit of sending brass to the face at time. A2 is redesigned and no issue so far. Final thing to note is low aftermarket and L&M the main guy doing optics cuts is retired now. I’ve run a A1 and A2 in two gun for years and it’s been awesome, gotten a few Glock guys to the dark side as well. FCU serialized being removable is cool but it’s a novelty as no real use for it yet. Overall with the A2 series, it’s a quick shooter that feels awesome in the hand. Has all the features of a upgraded Glock (trigger, flared Magwell, 17rd, easily stripped mags, great grip,) mixed with factory benefits like the low bore axis. with the only downsides with the A2 series so far being low aftermarket support, hard to get a optics cut(Wright armory will do it) and the reset of the trigger not being noticeable. Otherwise it leaves little to be desired.
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