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Discussion in 'Anything Else' started by FlaChef, Nov 15, 2005.

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    All magazines give favorable reviews to companies that buy ad space, just the way it goes. Hi-fi audio is another hobby of mine so I read a few of those rags from time to time, same deal. I can't ever remember a reviewer bashing a product from one of their big advertisers. Does that mean they never get duds? Pretty much never, because the manufacturer carefully inspects the review sample before submission. If only they checked every single item they offered for sale to the public with such rigorous scrutiny! Anyway...

    A 1911 is high on my list of near-term gun purchases. I've been eyeing the Springfield Mil-Spec and Loaded. This Taurus has a couple doodads on top of the SA Loaded... checkered MSH, front strap, etc., and it's cheaper by what, $60-70? Still uses a lot of MIM parts. I don't really need an ambi safety, but like the beavertail, skeleton hammer, better sights, trigger, etc. Both the Taurus and SA Loaded have those ugly ass front cocking serrations though, and the Taurus "PT 1911" logo is far uglier than crossed cannons! Wish I could get all the features of the Loaded w/o those ugly front serrations AND without dropping hundreds more $$$ into a Mil-Spec. But when it comes down to it, I might just have to get the Loaded and deal with it, woe is me. I'd probably at least try to range rent this Taurus before buying a SA Loaded.

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    The SA Loadeds I've looked at are selling for around $700 and the Taurus is suppose to sell for around $500. I've been interested in the Taurus, but would be even more interested if they would come out with a commander size. I'll probably wait a while to see how many bugs will have to be beat out.
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    while sure the reasons they give in the article due help the cost difference, they neglect to mention cheap brazilian labor 8O