New Steyr (S9-A1) owner-to-be

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by maxmanta, Sep 26, 2020.

  1. maxmanta

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    Hi, all.......

    I saw a used S9 at a local dealer. It was already spoken for but asked to hold it anyway. When I did, I go this sense that said something like, "Yes....this is the one I've been waiting for).

    I found a used one on gunbroker. It was the ONLY one, used or otherwise. If you can't find one on gunbroker, then they can't be found! So I bought it. I'm now twiddling my thumbs, waiting for it to be shipped. has these fiber optic sights that I'm told are a fiber optic/tritium hybrid. Any experience with these? Also, these a sort of grooved track that runs down the back of the magazine funnel, inside the grip. Is there a function to this? Is there a Glock-style butt plug available?

    Thanks! I've never even fire a Steyr polymer gun before.
  2. Zudrick

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    Welcome and good find. I don’t believe these are in production anymore and there won’t be a replacement. I have a S9 A1 and it’s great pistol. Only problems is mags are hard to find but you can use higher capacity mags for it. Downside is reset isn’t very noticeable on the audible or tactile level. Mags should be able to hold more then 10 but seem limited to ten due to legislation, and the frame doesn’t have a lot of grip. The trigger you can train, grip can add talon tape, and larger capacity 17 round mags work but they stick out. There are grip plugs but I’ve never used one. Do you have a link or pic of sights? Sounds like truglo fiber sights from your description. I dont use truglo but haven’t heard much complaint either.

  3. wbbh

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    As Zudrick posted above, I'm guessing they are True Glow sights for Steyr pistols. I have them on my L9 and their great for me. The fiber lights up nicely in good light and there is a tritium vial for night shooting.