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New Steyr Owner with Questions before Buying Another

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My brother bought a Steyr M40 back in November of 2001. I went out with him one time shortly after his purchase and shot the gun and loved it. I actually just started looking into buying a gun recently and ended up buying his M40. He told me that he had put less than 50 rounds through it. I have put about 100-150 rounds through it since I bought it a couple months ago. I absolutely love the feel of the gun and how it performs, but I hate the fact that it does not have the integrated rail and that you have to buy that seperately for $99 from Steyr.

That being the case, I was thinking about selling the gun and picking up one of the later generation Steyrs with the integrated rail in .40 S&W as well as picking up the Steyr 9mm for my wife as she loves the feel of my Steyr, but not the recoil.

Now to the question. I have seen some pictures of M series and S series Steyrs that have the safety in front of the trigger like my M40 does and I have also seen pictures where they do not have the safety in front of the trigger. I prefer having the safety like I have on my M40 now, so I was wondering if there is a way of knowing when purchasing a Steyr online, if it does or does not have the safety in front of the trigger. Obviously there are sometimes pictures of the actual gun, but sometimes I see sales with just the factory image off the Steyr web page.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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Has anyone else worked on making their own rail adapter for the early generation Steyr's?
Yeah, I did not plan to carry with anything on the rail, just when I have it locked up at home at night. Nice to have a light on it in case something goes bump in the night, at least until I get something else for home protection. Not even really worried about a laser.

I was also a little concerned about the difference in feel between the newer generation versus the older generation. I love the feel of my M40 and really would rather not try my luck with the other. I may just have to get the rail adapter from Steyr. Maybe after I have purchased it, I can have a fabricating friend create soemthing similar and I can help others on here that may want something that works for less than $100 and make a few bucks in the process. Thanks for the feedback on my questions.
I just bit the bullet and ordered the rail adapter last night. I have a friend that is an amazing fabricator with many different mediums and I am going to see if he can use it as a template to create something similar. If he can, I will be sure to let the people on here know as I am sure that it would be a more affordable option.
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