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Assuming you've already gotten the manual safety rod and the takedown lever shaft removed, the key lock button may need to be rotated a little to allow it to be fully depressed. The best tool to use is the key to depress and rotate it to get it pressed all the way in so that it is below the inside surface of the frame to allow the action to rotate out. Once the action starts to rotate out, the button is held under the frame, as you rotate the action some more and you see the button start to emerge from the top of the frame that's when you need to put a finger on it to keep it from launching into the ether. There is some play between the action and the frame once the takedown shaft is removed so it is pretty obvious to tell if the button is not presed down enough to allow the action to rotate out. It maybe possible that there is some gunk keeping the button from being depressed all the way but I doubt that is the case if you don't see evidence of gunk in the action. Good luck.
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