New SSG 04 owner needs scope mount suggestions

Discussion in 'Other Rifles' started by XManSV, Aug 2, 2012.

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    My new SSG 04 in 300WM will be here in a few days. I also bought a Leupold Mk4 8.5-25x50 ER/T (I know maybe I should have researched more but the deal is done).

    I would be greatful for any suggestions for a scope mount (with integral rings or just rings also maybe).

    I don't want to go cheap but I also would prefer to not spend $400.

    Also I hope to use a 300WM load I am shooting in a Savage 110BA which is Sierra 220 match king, Hornady brass, Fed match primers, and 76 gr Hodgens H1000. I'm can shoot 1/2 MOA with the 110BA and hope I can just use the same round in the SSG 04. I'm using Redding compettion dies and a scale used for diamonds that will register individual particles of the H1000. But if anybody has any loads they'd like to suggest I'd be all ears.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    WOO HOO NEW GUN!!! : )
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    Welcome to the SteyrClub!

    While you can use that load, you may find that another load works better. Not that I know, but my experience has been that guns are a lot like women. Some things work all the time, but doing things a little differently can make the experience magical!

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    I have a SSG04 in .308 with a Leupold Mk 4 LR/T 6-20 mounted with Warne QD rings. Its been fine and I've fired around 4,000 rounds through it without any shift of zero or other problems.
    I know the .300mag is a bit stouter, but I doubt Warne rings will move for you.
    As to the loads, you'll just have to wait and see if your rifle likes that load - I suspect it will do fine, but you may want to "tweak" that load to maximise the performance of your SSG.

    Enjoy that new rifle!!