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Just to let the forum know, Tony Kanely at Milt Sparks came through with his word and he does have a mold for the M9/40. I placed an order with him in April and recently received my NLG lined OWB with 1.25 inch loops, FBI cant.

The holster like all other Spark's products is first class. Now I have two OWB holsters, both in cordovan, the Sparks and the HBE Pancake.

What's a man to do? :wink: I'm hoping that Steyr gets fully into gear with spare parts and service in the U.S. as it seems as I've made a 'commitment' to the M9.

If you need to see pics, let me know. Both holsters are on their respective sites.

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I'll sell the HBE holster, it's absolutely LNIB, immaculate condition, shipped USPS Priority for $70.00

The holster has not seen CCW outside of the house. Only worn a few times as a 'light break-in' inside the house. Eric Larsen from HBE makes great leather. I also have two of his belts.

I don't have to tell anyone about the wait times at any of the top holster makers. I have excellent reputation for selling firearms, leather on Sig, The High Road, Glock Talk,

Payment made via USPS money order or Paypal and add 3%.

I'm selling the holster as I really don't need two OWB's.

E-mail me at [email protected]
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