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    Finally got a chance to take my new gun to the range today. Went through 150 various rounds, CCI Blazer, Remington UMC, & some Federal Hollow points.

    First off I must say how impressed I was with the accuracy of this little gun. I like the sights better than the traditional type, I dare say.

    I have 2 mags. One is the original S series the other is a 10 round M series...that I just got from CDNN. (Great place to order from btw...)
    I prefer the M series Mag over the S one for shooting. It gives you a little better control. The S Mag is better for concealment I suppose.

    On my last mag., I was shooting some 3 burst, rapid fire type shots, & did have one F.T.E., I kind of blame it on the fact that I didn't disassemble the gun when I got it.

    After I got home I broke the gun down & cleaned it thourghly. There was alot of crud & a waxy looking grease. She is now clean as a whistle & ready to go again.

    All in all...Great gun.
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    Yeah, I saw that waxy dried grease, too - gross! Had it in my M9 from CDNN and my S9 from New Mexico Guns - maybe they sat in the same Texas warehouse for the last two years. I fired 50 rounds through my M before its first disassembly and cleaning 8O - luckily no problems. I cleaned the S before I shot it ( today! Woo-hoo!), and had to work the ejector to loosen it a little (it seemed stiffer than the M); still, I had brass all over - straight up, behind me, in front of me, almost in my shirt pocket... One bounced off the top of my head. It seemed to get better as I went, though. Part of the break-in, I'll wager, but I'll be paying special attention to the ejector this cleaning, also.

    Did you clean your mags? Mine had the same old waxy grease inside and out. Potential for FTF there, methinks. Maybe even FTE if that crap rides up into the gun on the ammo.

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    Yes I forgot to mention that I did clean the mags too. My mags were not popping out of the gun like they should. They had that same goo on them.

    Im debating about getting a CCW. Not that I necessarly need one, but it would be nice to be able to keep my gun in my truck when I have to drive down into the getto (Detroit) for business. Im a Realtor & some of the people I deal with want to look at abandoned "investment type" Realty in Down town Detroit.

    Here in Michigan it is fairly easy to do, it will cost around $200 I believe.

    Any other non-law enforcement members here have a CCW?
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    Most of us do. Check the carry issues forum here for the polls.

    Always better to have the permit and not need it than the other way around is my thinking. Get it and a good conceal rig, carry enough to get good at it and know how to stay concealed and be comfortable. That way if you do need to (as when you are going to those areas) it will be natural and seemless, you might even get so used to it it becomes odd when you don't.
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    My S9 Experience

    The day I got my S9 I took it apart and cleaned it before going to the range on that same day. My mom brought along her Springfield XD and a close friend came along with his carry Glock 26.

    The XD and the Glock did just fine with zero problems. The Steyr S9 was obviously the most accurate gun. After the extended experience with the Glock my friend still had better groups with S9.

    However there were long pauses inbetween shooting the S9 because after every two or three rounds the trigger was pulled and the hammer struck the primer but only very lightly. The spent rounds showed strong strikes where as the rounds that failed had slight impacts.

    That same day I returned it to the firearms store I purchased it at and they didn't send it as Al wasn't ready for the shipments. I've now spoken to Al and he's ready for it but the store hasn't sent it yet. I visited them today to get a fire under them.

    Summary: The gun is very accurate but I am discouraged that a brand new gun is failing. That causes worry when considering the sidearm to be used as a conceal carry for my wife.

    Request: Can we get some more posts from people that have had problems and after getting them corrected feel confident in their Steyr S9 or M9?

    Request 2: Can someone with an OD S9 post a picture? I regret not getting the first one I saw (wanted to research it first) as I just can't find any in that green anymore). And if you want to sell your green one... PM me.
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    I've never seen an OD Steyr.

    Are you sure that the problems you had with the Steyr were not ammo related?

    Just like a glock if there is too much lube in the striker channel the gun will not fire.
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    Common causes for light primer strike with the Steyr are too much lube in the firing pin channel, dried factory lube in the channel or contamination in the channel like brass flakes. Do a search, lots already on this subject. Strong firing pin mark on fired rounds don't really indicate anything since pressure and the inertia from firing the round will cause a strong impression.
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    Thanks for the data; Al is the one that said it needs a stronger spring or some 'clip' he has specifically for this. I initially thought it was the ammo but ran several other brands through it to check.

    I didn't find any information on the topic when I first checked but then I didn't know of this site either.

    UPDATE: I used to ONLY see the OD M/S series pistols but I haven't seen nor heard of them for over a year. Someone on here has to have one...
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    there really aren't any OD green steyrs. At least not like this....

    All frames are black, however there have been three different slide finishes used over the years. One is a parkerized finish that frequently has a greenish tinge to it.
    My S9 has that finish, and i much prefer my m40's shiny black slide. I've thought of having the slide refinished.
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    Then someone professionally coated a whole lot of them. Three local stores used to have them and I used to see them on over a year ago. Even when I ordered my S9 they asked me if I wanted it in the OD and I said yes but was called and told later that they couldn't get anymore. These were not greenish these were an olive green that didn't look quite as shiny as the new Walthers do.
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    I have to hit one of thsoe shops tomorrow I'll ask them if they know anything about it; maybe someone local was doing it.
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    can you post a pic of yours?

    scan, digicam
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    Mine isn't the green one but I'd love to pending I ever get to see the gun again.

    Mine has been at the shop since the day I bought it. I had the gun in my possession for less than three hours. I talked with them this week and we cleaned the whole thing out properly wiping it down and then lubing it very little (using the guide on glocktalk for Steyrs). And I had two failures to eject a spent casing, one failure for the slide to close all the way and, out of 50 rounds, eight failures to fire. This totals my entire time with the gun to about five hours in over two months.

    I got a call today saying that it was approved by the warranty shop to go ahead and send it in and so it should have been mailed off today. I'm crossing my fingers because regardless of how my tone might seem I really really like this little gun. Lemon? Maybe but I'll give Al a chance to look it over and I'm hopeful.

    Anyone else have any experience with Al insomuch as they can tell me how long the turn around time might be?