New S9 cleaned and fired results and questions.

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by pistol_jeff, Apr 28, 2005.

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    I picked up my new S9 today and took it home for a good cleaning. The disassembly went well because of the informative posts and pictures. Thank you.

    I shot three different brands of 9mm and I was able to shoot some nice groups at 15 yards. I shot 80 rounds with no problems. The sights are different and will take some getting use too. I did get beaned in the head from a few spent cases. I was reminded of the comment in a post about wearing a hat. It throws the brass all over the place. The extractor is hard on the brass and the loaded chamber indicator puts a little ding in the brass. Is this common on the s9?

    I compared the size of a g26 and the s9. The slide on the s9 is wider, the slide is longer and the height is almost the same as the g26.

    The trigger of the s9 is nice and smooth with a different feel than my g26.

    The grip area on the s9 is larger than the g26 at least it feels that way. I can get all my fingers in place on the grip. That doesn't happen with the g26.

    Which do I prefer the s9 or the g26? I am more comfortable with the g26 with heinie sights but I am going to be giving the s9 a good workout. Who knows maybe I’ll like the s9 better than the g26 after I shoot a thousand rounds down the barrel of the s9. The price and workmanship of the s9 makes it an excellent buy and it will see lots of range time with me. Maybe some IDPA time after I get a holster.

    I did not get a card to register for my free one-year service agreement from CDNN. Do they send it in for you?

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    I finally got my S9 extractor loosen up and hope to try it this weekend.

    When the M357 is delivered, there's a hard hat included in the case. 8O

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    "It throws the brass all over the place. The extractor is hard on the brass and the loaded chamber indicator puts a little ding in the brass. Is this common on the s9?"

    Yep, it's very common, especially if yours is a CDNN purchase. Packing lubrication gunks up after several years in storage, and it's likely your extractor is a little sticky. Check it with your finger (It should move without an inordiante amount of pressure). The loaded chamber indicator does ding the brass, and you'll likely find brass flecks throughout the gun when you break it down, up to in and including inside the firing pin channel. I've seen the flecks attributed to the loaded chamber indicator, though I'm of the opinion it's the magazine opening since I also find a scratch running the length of the brass.

    Welcome to the club! You'll likely have to really make an effort to not let the Steyr become your fave!
  4. I am also the opinion that the magazine opening may cause some of the flecks of brass as I have noticed scratches running the length of the brass cases of some of my shells.
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    I took my S9 out last Monday, June 4, and a friend and I shot about 50-80 rounds through it. Last time I shot was indoors on a carpetted surface where I could just pick up the carpet edges and roll the brass to the center. This time I was outdoors and had to pay attention to where the brass was being thrown. There was a very clear pattern to the brass distribution--about three feet to the right of the shooter and anywhere from six feet in front to six feet behind said shooter. Other than curiosity about why the fore-aft distribution was so great I can't find anything to complain about here.

    Does anyone have a link to instructions on detail-stripping the slide? And does the rear sight just drift left/right in the dovetail using a punch or is it secured internally somehow? Mine shoots slightly to the right, the sight is visibly offset to the right, but I don't want to just start wailing away with a hammer and nylon punch until I'm sure I won't break an internal pin or screw.
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    Talk about bringing a thread back from the dead! :shock:

    How long have you had the pistol? It may be the case that you just haven't adjusted to the trigger yet...
    Slide disassembly tutorial can be found on the homepage -
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    Brass flecks and scratches

    Hi All

    I think both the brass flecks and case scratches are caused by the two steel rails on the bottom of the slide. It appears to me that they help keep the next round pushed down into the magazine, just a little, during extraction of the fired case, perhaps to avoid interference with the empty case as it's extracted. So these steel rails ride back and forth on the much softer brass cartridge, galling a small amount of brass off each cartridge, hence the scratches and brass flecks. At least that's how it looks to me. I don't think either the LCI dimple or case scratches are a problem, even if you reload. The brass flecks do need to be cleaned out, and probably could be a problem if allowed to build up over time. I clean my M40-A1 EVERY time I shoot, including the firing pin channel and extractor, and I would recommend that practice to anyone that shoots a Steyr. Just my 2 cents. :)

    Some think the ejection pattern is because the Steyrs have such a low bore axis, the ejection port needs to be narrower than other guns, and brass can't eject straight out to the right. It needs to angle slightly up, so some percentage of ejected cases end up going a little in front or a little behind the shooter, and you don't see such a pronounced right-side pattern.

    So, shoot the heck out of it to break everything in, and just enjoy! :) Good luck :!:


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    Never have had a forward ejection; although if it continues to function its OK.
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    Dang those hard hat jokes.