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New S-40 owner checking in

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Hi y'all (yup, we say that down New to the board and thought I'd say hi. Prior Marine with alot of handgun experience but first time Steyr owner. I was wanting something else to satiate my range time and was looking around for something unique, well designed and had a reputation in the field. Well, that knocked Glock out of the running (I kid, I kid...). I've only begun to start my collection up again (S&W .38 airweight, Taurus PT 140 and now the Steyr) as my wife is just now embracing the sport (one good thing that happened because of Katrina). Hope to become a regular here and learn alot. I'm waiting on it to ship (bought it off of and growing I feel like I'm 12 and not 31 waiting for the mail to bring me something good!
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Great Choice

The S40 is the right handgun in the right caliber in my opinion. The subcompact S40 is probably one of the best, if not the best, handgun in the subcompact market available. While not the shortest it is one of the thinnest and you'll find it leaves very little imprint if worn concealed. I'm glad that more Americans are returning to self-defense through the purchase of fine firearms. I trust the lives of my family and myself to my Steyr M40 everyday and you'll find that is a common thing among the 1,000 + members of the website. In addition, you'll find that so many of us have been so pleased with our Steyr pistols and rifles that we've developed almost a fanatical devotion to Steyr Mannlicher.

This website is a GOLD MINE of information on Steyr pistols in particular and Steyr Mannlicher not only participates from time to time within this forum, but does monitor it. View the tutorials and information section for detailed info on cleaning and going beyond the standard field strip. Suggestions and reviews are also available on accessories and ammunition selection.

Safe Shooting and Welcome to the Brotherhood.

Semper Fidelis!
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The S-40 is a subcompact, hence the "S" in "S40" the M-series is a standard compact size and as you'll see throughout this website many of us do wish that Steyr made an "L" or large size target or full-size pistol similar to the M and S series.

But hey, don't take my word for it "[w]hen the subcompact Steyr S (small) series pistols come out in the latter half of 2000, it will be a perfect complement to the compact Steyr M series that is now available." (

Sorry FlaChef.

P.S. FlaChef knows his stuff about Steyr and simply made a mistake (in my opinion). GOD KNOWS I MAKE MY FAIR SHARE OF MISTAKES FROM TIME TO TIME. FlaChef is one of the most respected members on this site and if I had a Steyr issue he is one of the folks I would PM.
Yeah, subcompact is a marketing term no doubt about that. My Grandfather would have called them pocket pistols and wouldn't have had any idea back in his day what a compact or subcompact was and believe me he knew his firearms. I mean really there is only three type of sizes that I'm aware of the full-size, compact, and subcompact and Steyr doesn't have a full-size so some of us have put the rest in compact and subcompact by default.

EITHER WAY the S-Series is easy to conceal carry and shoots like a dream.

What Kind of Ammo are you going to carry with your new S40?

Do you have a CPL/CCW to carry it?
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