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New S-40 owner checking in

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Hi y'all (yup, we say that down New to the board and thought I'd say hi. Prior Marine with alot of handgun experience but first time Steyr owner. I was wanting something else to satiate my range time and was looking around for something unique, well designed and had a reputation in the field. Well, that knocked Glock out of the running (I kid, I kid...). I've only begun to start my collection up again (S&W .38 airweight, Taurus PT 140 and now the Steyr) as my wife is just now embracing the sport (one good thing that happened because of Katrina). Hope to become a regular here and learn alot. I'm waiting on it to ship (bought it off of and growing I feel like I'm 12 and not 31 waiting for the mail to bring me something good!
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The S40 is I think the best gun in the Steyr M & S strikes a perfect balance of compactness, weight, power and "on-board" ammo capacity.

Every now and then, I make mine into an "S357" by dropping in my M357 barrel in it. Now that I have a few hundred boxes of Winchester Ranger-T 357 SIG JHP ammo, I like carrying that gun/ammo combo around.

If my LE agency authorized carriage of any gun we wanted, that gun would be my day-to-day carry gun (except for days I have to wear a Kahr P9 Covert would get the nod in that event :D ).

Nice range report Penguin!
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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