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New S-40 owner checking in

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Hi y'all (yup, we say that down New to the board and thought I'd say hi. Prior Marine with alot of handgun experience but first time Steyr owner. I was wanting something else to satiate my range time and was looking around for something unique, well designed and had a reputation in the field. Well, that knocked Glock out of the running (I kid, I kid...). I've only begun to start my collection up again (S&W .38 airweight, Taurus PT 140 and now the Steyr) as my wife is just now embracing the sport (one good thing that happened because of Katrina). Hope to become a regular here and learn alot. I'm waiting on it to ship (bought it off of and growing I feel like I'm 12 and not 31 waiting for the mail to bring me something good!
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Thanks all. I know how hard it is to run a good forum and keep it relevant (I moderate a large auto-enthusiast forum with about 8k members) so to see the majority of the info I've found not garbage pays homage to the mods or the members (but as a mod myself I tend to give alot to the mods ;) ). Yup, I've read the S-40 has some girth. As far as concealment; I think the grip angle and weapon's stability platform (sights, muzzle flip, etc.) lends itself to be a better employable sidearm than its counterparts (from what I've read). This now will be determined on the range, where, like any good Marine I'll blame all the FTEs, FTFs and drops to a poorly designed weapon until I can master it about 50%. Therein I'll just say "it's all about the gentleman holding the gun"
bigtaco said:
how bout some video footage: 40s&w vs. THE CANTALOUPE starring penguin!!
Since we really don't have any outdoor ranges left due to Katrina, I doubt my indoor ranges would like me taking my wrath out on different food prodcuts inside. I'll ask, though ;)

FlaChef said:
Enough Digressing For Now; I wanna hear how this "good marine" fares w/ his new heater
I can't wait to get it. The shipper is being very slow about it. It's not scheduled to ship off until Tuesday (even though I paid them and gave them the FFL info on the 11th). Oh well. Just have to send more rounds downrange with the .38.
So I pick up my new gun today and go shoot a few rounds. Here's my review:

Steyr Arms S40 .40 S&W made in 2/01.

Weight: It's an average weight poly pistol that felt a little top heavy at first. I give this to it having a supported barrel and really appreciate it!

Finish: It has a nice tenifer finish with no rust or very noticeable wear.

Sighting: It was weird at first sighting on the trapezoid sights, but it felt more natural after the barrel settled in place when shooting. I love it 10x more than post sights. You get much faster SP/SA with these IMHO.

Muzzle flip: What? Is there? Very little that I noticed. Much less than some Glocks I've shot and a good bit less than my Taurus .40. The bore axis is nice and low and my wrist feels at less of an angle when shooting. Damn comfortable.

Take down: Simple and efficient with a switch.

Issues: I fired 300 rounds through it and had no FTEs but did have 1 FTF at about round 200. It was the second round in the magazine. I guess it just didn't want to go into battery for some reason, but performed flawlessly after that. Also, it only came with 1 10rd magazine. I need to go buy another. Also, I don't like how GZS "melted" the old importer (GIS) stamp and put there stamp below it.

Verdict: The price was right (and I believe the S models will only go up in value with time), the gun feels great in my hand and shoots pretty well. I can't wait to get some more range time in! =D>

Here are a few pics:

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Well, it's been over a year and a few thousand rounds later and I still love this gun. I'm an accident investigator, casualty/workers' comp adjuster so I spend the majority of my time outside. This being New Orleans, I tend to be in many an unsavory place at odd hours. I'm glad I haven't had to use it, but it did deter one man who walked up to my car late one evening when I was at a scene. I was sitting in my car doing my report after the scene was cleared and I had (as always) my S40 tucked between the seat and center console. He came up and knocked on my window hard, looked down, and walked off very

As for CHL, yup. LA is a great state, too. We consider your vehicle as an extension of your home and no CHL is required to have a gun in your car.
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