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I'm wearing the S-40 full time when I leave the house now. I wear it concealed beneath a jacket or sweater of some such since it is winter, even though I am licensed to carry in this, open-carry-legal state, but I will prefer not to show the weapon.

The issue with the Steyr is now and always has been: HOLSTERS.

I dislike the hard plastic or polymer (Kydex) holsters. I don't want to use anything that might mar the pistol's finish. The Kydex holsters that are lined with good leather are VERY expensive for what they are, it seems to me. So after a long search, I found a leather holster maker who made on for the Steyr and I bought it: Great price, really, really good holster, especially at the price point. I wrote about it with photos here earlier.

Yesterday I drove my wife to a doctor's appointment. This was a new specialist for her back issues, and after that we had a full slate of monthly shopping to complete since we would be in the city. I feel I MUST wear the pistol whenever we are in a large group setting since I know there are people there who might be "off their meds" (it's happened before), and occasionally, there are some nutcases who might try to take advantage of us seniors.

But I knew I would not be allowed inside the medical facility with a firearm (the signs prominently require police officers who are carrying to log in!). My favorite holster for the Steyr is a belt holster of course. Yesterday I tried something different and I was pleased with the result.

Several years ago I bought a Barsony holster for my Stoeger Cougar. It is a clip holster and although it held the Cougar well, the gun was simply too heavy and bulky for the trim, clip holster, and I bought a different belt holster for the gun that works very well. Yesterday i decided to try to see how well the Barsony holster with it's belt clip might work carrying the Steyr.

To my surprise, the Barsony holster fits and holds the Steyr S-40 exceedingly well. It is a snug fit, but the holster isn't really all that well broken in either. The Steyr was snug and tightly held with the thumb-break and it imprinted very, very little beneath the sweater I wore. For less than $40, I'd recommend the Barsony holster for the Cougar for the Steyr S-series of pistols.

One caveat is that a clip holster...ANY clip holster I guess, will not hold the pistol completely snug against the body. This is why I much prefer the belt holster that holds each side of the holster snugly.

Yestereday, my solution was to remove the holster from my belt placing it carrying the pistol in the glove box of the truck, locking the whole thing and leaving it there while I was in the medical facility.
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