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So the wife and I are at the movies and a preview starts to flash, and I say to myself..."wow, all those guns, and they appear to be being used realisticly wonder if it's a new M.M movie"
then Jamie Foxx shows up in the preview..."yup definitely Micheal"
then there's like these speed boats..."Hmmm, naw couldn't be..."

Yup you guessed it, our favorite gun director is putting Miami Vice into a cineplex near you.

Sounds cheesy (limburgher cheesy not just brie-like) but if anyone can do it and make it work it would be him.

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I am with you Chef!

MM is my favorite action-movie director/writer/producer by far. Thief, Heat, Collateral - this guy is an enthusiast. James Caan and MM went to Gunsite to train for Thief, and that was in the 80's!

My wife and I grew up in FL in the 80's and were huge Miami Vice fans. C'mon, they had the hottest cars and guns used as they should be in that show. Bren 10 - how esoteric is that! We have been anxiously awaiting this movie for about a year. I hope it follows in the vein of his previous movies (Last of the Mohicans too) - great guy movies!


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When it comes to real life cop drama/action movies nobody does it better than MM period! I'm guessing that Mann has a walk in gun safe filled with all kinds of goodies at home, because the man makes movies in only the way a pro-gun guy can. If you watch the bonus DVD of Collateral you'll see Mann showing Tom the proper way to grip and aim his USP.

Also, Mann has had in both HEAT and COLLATERAL a STERY TMP so I'm thinking the man might be a Steyr fan. Also, the BEST thing would be if he through in some AUG A3s in the Miami Vice movie or even better an MA1.
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