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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Heat, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. Heat

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    Hey guys just wanted to introduce myself. First time gun owner and I just put an order in for the steyr m40A1 handgun. Very excited to get one was told it will be delivered on thursday at my ffl dealer.

    I have tried out the glock 22 and smith and wesson sigma series all 40 cal. I handled the steyr at a local gun shop and loved the ergnomics of the gun and i found the trap sights interesting. Cant wait to get one and try it out which will happen this weekend.

    I was surfing around the web to get more info and stumbled on this website. Thanks goes out to everyone that has contributed to this site because i will be using alot of info already posted to maintain my handgun. :D

    If there is any more info or suggestions you guys would like to give to a first time gun owner i am all for it. Oh BTW should i buy a gun cleaning kit or regular household products are good enough.

  2. ToadWhisperer

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    Glad to have ya as a member, lotta good people good advice and polite discussion (don't flame those they disagree with).
    As for advice, get some training as soon as possible and the practice, practice and then practice some more.
    About cleaning, no need to waste money on expensive gun solvents and oils, I just drop my M40 in the dishwasher, gets it sparkly clean and gives it a lemon fresh sent. STOP! I"M KIDDING :D read the hand book, go to: ... page&pid=4 and talk to folks at your local candy store (gun shop).
    Good Luck, Have Fun and Be Safe

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    Hiya Heat :)

    Welcome to the Club.

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    Welcome, and I would recommend a cleaning kit. It makes things easier!
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    Well Hello There,

    I have been here for a couple of months. These guys/gals have taught me so much. So far I have held up two grocery stores and one convienence store. No such thing as convienence that mid eastern man showed me the business end of a Steyr......... just kidding.

    There's a lot of kidding here. In between the laughter is a lot of education. Now two months later I can eject my magazine with one hand.

    Welcome my friend to "not a forum", but a place where questions are answered.

    Watch out for Wulf, he bites. Mr.Apathy, has no sympathy. As for me, I just really don't care about anyone or anything.

    You will find yourself logging on and learning alot. Again, welcome.

    Take Care,

  6. Heat

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    Thank you guys for the warm welcome. I plan to be reading through the past posts and making myself at home here. :)
  7. midtnshooter

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    Don't go and get all mushy (I get teary eyed). You better take photos (NO CATS ! the past POSTS) and keep us informed.

    Keep In Touch !

  8. Netfotoj

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    Welcome heat,

    I'm sure you'll find not only a wealth of information here about Steyr weapons, but also a lot of good ol' common sense, which is quite uncommon, about a lot of other topics, too.

    Like you, I'm new to Steyr. I read a pistol magazine review of the MA1 in November and it was the first time I'd ever heard of Steyr. A bit of googling led me to this site and to a pistol purchase in December, when I became the proud owner of a M357-A1.

    You can learn everything you'll ever need to know right here for the proper care and feeding of your new M40-A1. Pull up a chair, put your feet up and make yourself to home. :mrgreen:
  9. Welcome aboard.

    This is a great bunch of guys and a great gun board. :D

    Really everyone here is a class act, which can't be said about too many other gun boards.

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    Welcome and have fun