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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Guest, Mar 13, 2006.

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    :D Good Morning everybody!

    I am from Austria and just want to say hello.

    I own two steyr rifles (a Steyr AUG-Z3 and a Steyr SSG4 cal.308) as well as some Winchester lever action rifles(different cal.).
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    Guten Tag cowroper!

    Welcome to our slice of Heaven here on the Web.

    I'm jealous over your two rifles! :D

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    hallo cowroper!!

    willkommen im besten waffen-forum im web. diese gruppe besteht aus den nettesten leuten, die du treffen kannst. wir freuen uns, dass du bei uns bist.

    bis dann.
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    6 sog i nur: Ditto 8)

    PS: if you read anything about prices for Steyr guns - don't worry just wondering - "idiot-tax" is only for austrian Steyr-owners....... :?
  5. Nice,

    Welcome! I'm a Steyr man myself who also owns a Winchester Lever Action 30/30. I love the old lever actions and I can hit pretty much anything with the 30/30 as its the very rifle I learned to shoot with as a kid.
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    Hello everybody!

    thanks for the really warm welcome in this forum.

    You don't have to be jealous about my riffles, I am jealous about the US-law concerning weapons.


    My winchesters:
    Modell 94, cal 30-30
    Winchester Bat Masterson, cal. 30-30 and
    Modell Trapper with saddlering, cal .357 Mag. It's the one I love best. Very handsome.
    Sometimes I take it with me at horsebackriding.


    Hallo Leute,
    nett bei euch zu sein.

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    Welcome Aboard.. :)
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    nice to meet you, cowroper, welcome to the forum.
    hope you enjoy.