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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mako, Mar 17, 2007.

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    Hello folks,

    Lurker here awhile, now a member as I have joined the ranks with an M9! I tried the H&K USP, Sig 229, and the Walther, but the M9-A1 fit to my hand best. If it "feels" right for me, that's half the battle towards making the weapon an extension of my arm. That's just me, though.

    My question to you is, how much of a difference in recoil is there from the M9 to the M40. No one locally has a Steyr, much less a Steyr in .40. I know it's kind of hard to answer, but anything would be helpful.

    Thank you!

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    First off,

    Welcome to the club!!!!

    I am sure you will have many many years of enjoyment shooting your Steyr pistol.

    I have Steyrs in both 9x19 and .40SW - And I will tell you, in my experience, that my .40SW and my 9x19 feel virtually the same. To me.

    A friend of mine recently tried them both and couldn't tell the difference. He promptly ordered a .40SW for himself.

    I like the 9x19 because I can load more ammo in 'em. And some will argue the .40SW offers more stopping power.

    I load mine with Winchester Ranger Ammo [both 9x19 and .40SW].

    Open and click on "Launch Testing Comparison Tool" and do your own research.....

    Happy Shooting!!!

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    I just purchased a M40-A1. I can't compare it to a M9 but I did compare it to my Springfield XD Service 9, a Ruger P95 9mm, and a Taurus PT111... along with my Witness 45. Shooting WWB 180 gr in .40 and 115 gr in 9mm.

    I couldn't tell the difference in the XD and Ruger in 9mm and my new M40-A1. I was really surprised. I expected slightly more recoil with the .40.

    I felt the M40-A1 has slightly less recoil than the little Taurus PT111 in 9mm... again surprised.

    Comparing my new M40-A1 to my Witness .45 is a different story. The new M40-A1 has much less recoil that the .45.

    I'm pleasantly surprised with my new M40-A1. It has a wonderful feel and excellent accuracy. Very manageable recoil.
  4. Welcome Aboard!

    The thing about the Steyr M-series and MA1 that I love so much is that it has such a natural point.

    The low bore axis not only gives me a nice natural point where I come down on my target, but it helps reduce the felt recoil.

    You know every gun manufacturer now days claims that their new pistol has "natural point," but really once you have fired a Steyr M-series or MA1 you know thats all crap because you know what natural point really is.

    There is no substitute for me in terms of firearms and whether its CCW, home-defense, or SHTF I wouldn't want anything other than my Steyr MA140 or M40 as my pistol.
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    Great info, thank you!


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    .40 is snappier to me