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    Hello all,
    I just found this site, and it's pretty cool. Lots of great info!
    I just bought my first handgun last Friday: an new-in-box M40. I paid $400 for the gun which included 1 10-rnd., 1-12 rnd mag. I though it was a pretty good deal.
    My M40's serial number is 31xxx. Anything I should know about / watch out for? I did notice a little gunk around the extractor, but I could still move it with finger pressure, so I just sprayed a little cleaner around it, let it dry then let a little synthetic lube soak in around it.
    I fired 75 rounds of 160gr. CCI Blazer the following day without incident. Only about 3 or 4 times did cartridges eject in my direction.
    Oh yeah, there was one incident...a guy next to me telling me how great his Glock 22 was and that I needed to try I did. It was OK, but what a mushy trigger. The funny thing was when he tried the M40, he didn't want to put it down! The conversation quickly switched from his Glock to my Steyr!
    One last thing. When I got home, I removed the slide and noticed some very fine slivers of metal and metallic dust. Is this a normal part of the break-in process? Did it come from the ammunition?
    Thanks in advance!

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    metal slivers and dust

    welcome to the club Los36!

    From what i have heard, the little shavings of metal you see are from the shell casings....most often people report brass flecks, but since you are shooting is most likely little aluminum shavings from the casings. Just got keep the gun clean and make sure those build up. I am not the most active shooter here (to put it mildly....i really need to get out and shoot more) but follow the cleaning tutorials on this site and you will probably have a wonderful experience with the M.

    Undoubtedly you will get more feedback from those who have fired 1000's or rounds through theirs....i'm still in the hundreds...

    be safe and enjoy your new Steyr.


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    congrats and enjoy!

    you've already boght one and sold one, you'll see that guy steyr in hand again!
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    I had the same issue with metal shavings when I first got my M9, but it's toned down significantly since then. I believe it's cause by the loaded chamber indicator pin, which is pretty sharp when new. Roughly 1,000 rounds later, I'm finding far fewer of them (though not none). On the plus side, they haven't caused any trouble.

    What has caused trouble is UMC 115-gr FMJ ammunition - my M9 hates it, though it eats WWB all day long. Of course, that might be specific to my particular gun, that particular batch of ammo (I only bought two boxes), or strictly a 9mm thing, so YMMV.
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    Thanks guys...
    By the way, I forgot to mention that the gun not only fired without incident, but I had a blast! I simply love the sights!
    My wife actually enjoyed it too. She reluctantly came out to the range with me, she fired a dozen rounds and was not having a great time. After a few tips from the range marshall, she put two shots through the same hole! After that, it turned into a competition. I wouldn't say she's hooked, but she definitely enjoyed herself. I won't tellyou who won the accuracy competition... :lol: I won the speed/accuracy competition, though!
    My prior experience with handguns has been with a Beretta 92 FS (about 50 rounds). It was very nice, but too big and I had trouble lining up the 3-dots on the target. I have also fired a Glock 19 (about 50 rounds). It was also a nice gun, but nothing spectacular. Also, the grip was a bit bulky.
    The only other gun that I was considering was a Beretta 96 compact, but in price, there was no competition!
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    see now you do what i did and get a S9 "for her".
    my wife loves mine and is scary accurate w/ it. She won't shoot the .40 anymore.
    But i carry the s9 and she prefers the simplistic revolver for carry as she trusts herself to be able to work it better (revolver was added later, so s9 is nominally mione again)

    I think women are naturally more accurate as they tend to be more deliberate. Many instructors have also said they take instruction better and have no macho barrier to following said instruction.
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    Women outshooting men

    I've been told that women tend to see colors better than men. Something about the make up of their eye with the rods and cones. The result is they can see targets better, being able to pick up the contrast in colors, and thus have a bit of a natural advantage over men. I would guess it is a result of natural selection. Women being the gatherers in primitive times had to have a sharp eye to see and identify different ediables from the inediables.

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    color blindness

    Color blindness tends to be a male on average, yes i would bet women are better with color.....I have a friend who works in a lab studying color vision...i get used as a test subject from time to time...i am pretty much a control group...not color blind...
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    Gender eye-sight.

    Interesting ideas.
    While she may be able to see colors better than I (not sure), we've both had LASIK, so I don't think there was any natural selection going on in the difference between her accuracy and mine. She was just way more deliberate than I. I wish that I could make 12 rounds last as long as she did!
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    true enough

    it is hard to not just rip of a clip pretty quick aint it?....haven't gotten my fiance out to the range just yet....want to get her into shooting....wonder how she will be with it.