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Ok so here's my story.
I'm from Mustang, OK.
One of my LGS's had been trying for a while to get me off my Glock habit with his M9A1.
When the M9A2 was announced at 2019 SHOT, I called him cus I knew he was there. He called back a bit later from the Steyr booth and said he was ordering as many as they'd let him.
In mid-August, Oklahoma City received it's first batch of 12 L9A2s, and I got number three.
Fast forward to summer 2020, and I was looking at buying a Wilson EDCX9.
I took my Steyr A2 and my race Glock with me to the Wilson test drive.
On the rifle range, on a 12" gong, I got 12 out of 15 shots on steel with the Steyr, at 154 yards. My race gun got 11 shots on steel, and the Wilson got 9 shots.
Two days ago I ordered myself the C9A2 MF to retire my Glock 19X as daily carry.
My search for Steyr night sights brought me here.
Thanks for having me!
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