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    Greetings from smokey Colorado.

    After trying out a friends Steyr, I found and purchased a used M9-A1 at the gun show this past January as my first ever handgun. I love the gun, but I have had numerous extraction failures. It seemed to be mostly linked to the remanufactured bulk ammo I had purchased from Ammo Kan. Using new ammo (PMC, Winchester, Blazer, etc.) almost, but didn't quite eliminate the problem. I contacted Steyr Arms and they sent me a replacement extractor.

    I just completed a 4-day handgun course at Front Sight in Nevada. I did have a number of extraction failures, but the gun performed well, running through almost 600 rounds over 4 days. Having never seen one, the instructors were fascinated by the Steyr and took turns shooting it.

    I am contacting Steyr again to see if we can resolve the extraction issue, but I am still very happy with my purchase!
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    welcome to the club.

    sai should be able to fix your extraction issue.

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    Welcome to SteyrClub!

    If you feel competent to do it, get a 1911 safety/slide stop spring, cut about 3/16" off of it. Remove the extractor per the tutorial in downloads, now, after cleaning the extractor plunger and spring, put the 1911 spring inside the existing spring and reinstall the extractor. Do this in a gallon ziploc bag to keep parts from getting lost if they spring out on you. Think lots of positive thoughts and you'll get it reinstalled. After a couple of times it's almost trivial. The mod makes all the difference.
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    Welcome to the club! Glad the gun performed well for you!
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    Welcome to Steyrclub!