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Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by 7GRUNT6, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. 7GRUNT6

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    It looked to be what I wanted so I bought one. It came today. I cleaned it and put 200 rounds through it. I then put 40 pround through my Sig226. The groups from the Steyr were 3-4 times bigger than those from the Sig. My Sig is out of the box with maybe 1000 rounds through it. It's not "Tuned". The M9A1 is a joy to shoot and it feels very comfortable but it feels like one big burr. I'm sure that it will improve with use but I'd rather have someone who knows what they are doing tweak it now. Any concrete ideas on who that might be?
  2. spartan117

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    I cant offer any advice being Steyr noob myself but congrats on the purchase!

  3. Netfotoj

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    The trap sights are a bit unusual, well, a lot unusual, and take some getting used to. I suspect as you shoot the MA1 more, the groups will get a lot smaller.

    I tested my M357-A1 with a pistol rest and the only thing that stopped me from putting all the rounds in the same hole is my not completely rock-steady nerves.

    The grip is also a bit different from any other pistol I've shot, if that's what you mean by it "it feels like one big burr." A Hogue rubber grip improves the feel of the MA1. I use the Hogue Handall Grip, available in most gun stores, but others here prefer the Hogue Tool Grip in small size.

    And the trigger will also smooth out with use. If your Sig has a DA/SA trigger, shooting a DAO like the MA1 does take some getting used to. But IMHO, the Steyr trigger is the best of the DAO triggers out of the box (with the exception of a custom trigger like the 2.5 lb. pull on my G29).

    I know there's at least a couple of Sig owners in the forum, probably more, but Mugdava and Shooter for sure, who say they prefer their Steyr triggers to their Sig triggers. :mrgreen:
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    Netfotoj hit the nail on the head - it's not the pistol's fault you are shooting worse groups than you do with a pistol you have owned for some time and put over 1000 rounds through already... I personally had to ditch the traps to start getting good reliable groups - check out PT Night Sights if you are looking for new sighting options (they have a Sig-esque "dot the i" version if I'm not mistaken). Give the pistol some time and your performance will improve greatly. 8)